Billie Eilish kissed a girl at Coachella & we're FREAKING OUT

Billie Eilish performing Coachella 2024 Quenlin Blackwell attends YouTube Artist Lounge Coachella 2022
Billie Eilish performing Coachella 2024 Quenlin Blackwell attends YouTube Artist Lounge Coachella 2022
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We know and respect that Billie Eilish doesn't always like to talk about her sexuality… but when she pulls a move like this in public, how can we not talk about it?!

In a video from Coachella shared this past weekend, Eilish is seen wearing an oversized basketball jersey and shorts along with a trucker hat and sneakers. She then walks up to her friend, Quenlin Blackwell, and plants a kiss right on her lips.

But it's the way that the singer went about the kiss that's making us go nuts! The video shows Eilish, who recently came out as queer, walking up to Blackwell, grabbing her by the chin, and guiding her face towards hers — kissing Blackwell on the lips, and then gently, but firmly, guiding her face back.

We didn't know it was like all that!

If you're not familiar with Quenlin Blackwell, she's a YouTuber who also goes by the name Quen. She's a model and content creator who calls herself the "GOD of the internet." As of this writing, Blackwell has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million on Instagram.

That Coachella video isn't the first time that these two have gotten close in public. Just recently, in March 2024, Blackwell shared an Instagram video that showed Eilish licking her neck while she laughs.

Blackwell also shared a video where she drops down and dances in front of Eilish, and then their other close friend, queer celeb Odessa A'zion, who is also in the neck-licking video.

And the plot thickens! When you scroll through Blackwell's instagram, you can see a post of her and A'zion holding hands, hugging, and otherwise being intimate throughout the streets of Los Angeles back in February 2024.

"Quen Blackwell and Odessa A'zion were spotted during a PDA-filled day out on the streets of LA sparking romance rumors with their undeniable chemistry," the caption read.

In the images, both women are wearing clothes from Riquera. The post is a collaboration between Blackwell and Riquera, which makes it seem like an ad… but are we really doing queerbaiting ads in 2024? Or are people soft-launching their relationships through ads?

There are also several pictures and videos of the three of them together — often appearing to be physical between them. Are these three close friends, are they doing a sponsorship deal, or is something more going on? We'd honestly love a poly throuple, but we also love girls who are just friends!

Either way, we hope Eilish, Blackwell, and A'zion are happy.