Billie Eilish Just Revealed A Hip Tattoo, And Fans Are Obsessed With Her New Ink

billie eilish tattoos
All Of Billie Eilish's Tattoos, ExplainedDesign by Jason Speakman
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Billie Eilish is creative through and through, from her incredible lyrics to her bold fashion. So, is it any surprise the singer has extended her artistry to her body? The 21-year-old's tattoo collection has been buzzed about, especially since Billie hid all of her tattoos until she graced the cover of British Vogue in 2021 and showed off one piece of ink.

Since then, the "What Was I Made For" singer has given fans an occasional glimpse at her tattoo collection—most recently, her "Hard" hip tattoo made its red carpet appearance at the Variety Hitmakers brunch.

Billie's taste in tattoo's spans from interesting designs and cursive writing to dragons, fairies, and beyond. Curious about the location of and meaning behind each one? Consider this your official Billie Eilish tattoo tour:

1. Chest tattoo

Billie got her first tattoo on January 27, 2020, the day after she swept the Grammy’s, becoming only the second person ever to do so, per Insider.

Billie told Rolling Stone that she got her middle name, Eilish, in a gothic font in the middle of her chest. But before Billie got any tattoos, she told Vanity Fair in a 2019 video interview, "The only tattoos I want to get are the ones that barely anyone could see." The next year, Billie told the publication in a subsequent video interview, "I did get a tattoo, but you won't ever see it."

But fans did get a peek of her elusive ink in June 2023 when Billie's friend, Annabel Zimmer, shared a carousel of photos on Instagram that included a pic of Billie in a swimsuit top.

2. Dragon tattoo

Billie’s fans got the first look at her "big boy" dragon thigh tattoo after her stripped-down photoshoot with British Vogue, which was published in May 2021. She told Rolling Stone she got that one at the beginning of 2021. The tattoo’s *official* public debut was on the Met Gala carpet the same year. Billie wore a Grace Kelly-inspired red Oscar de la Renta gown with a slit that revealed the tattoo. Billie didn’t share the inspo behind this, but nicknamed her car Dragon, a matte-black Dodge Challenger she got for her 17th birthday, so there seems to be a theme!

3. Fairy tattoo

Billie debuted another tattoo at the No Time to Die premiere in September 2021. Peeking out from her sleeve were some intricate fairies in black ink. She called the tattoo her “sweet little guardian angel fairies" based on her favorite childhood book, Fairyopolis by Cicely Mary Barker, in her annual video interview with Vanity Fair.

4. Back tattoo

Billie’s biggest tattoo is an abstract design on her spine, which she showed fans when she took off her shirt while performing at Music Midtown on September 16, 2023, per Insider. She posted a photo of the full design to her Instagram in October.

5. “Hard” hip tattoo

billie eilish
Michael Tran - Getty Images

On the red carpet at Variety's Hitmakers brunch in December 2023, Billie showed off some fresh ink on her hip, and across her belly. The cursive says, “Hard,” but upon a closer zoom, there seems to be a second word after "Hard"...perhaps starting with an “S”?

Well, Billie loves keeping her fans guessing about her body art, so you'll just have to wait and see what, if anything, she reveals next.

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