Billie Eilish on 'Coming Out' and Her Sexuality: 'I Didn't Realize People Didn't Know'

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Billie Eilish

After gaining attention for her comments about sexuality in a recent interview, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, 21, reflected on the attention, saying that she hadn't intended it to be a coming out moment.

In November, Eilish made headlines for her statements in an interview with Variety's Katcy Stephan for The Power of Women issue, as she shared, “I love [women] so much. I love them as people. I’m attracted to them as people. I’m attracted to them for real."

Continuing to talk about her love of women, she said, "I have deep connections with women in my life, the friends in my life, the family in my life. I’m physically attracted to them. But I’m also so intimidated by them and their beauty and their presence."

Throughout the in-depth interview, Eilish also talked about other aspects of her life, like her struggles with self-image and how she deals with media sexualizing her.

After the interview was released, many people focused on Eilish's statements about being attracted to women. Reflecting on the response, Eilish spoke with Variety again and admitted that she didn't plan to make the interview her coming out moment.

"But I kind of thought, ‘Wasn’t it obvious?'...I didn’t realize people didn’t know," she said, before stating that she doesn't believe in the idea of coming out. "I’m just like, ‘Why can’t we just exist?' I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I just didn’t talk about it. Whoops.”

Recalling her immediate reaction to the article's release, Eilish said, "I saw the article and I was like, oh...I guess...I came out today!"

"Ooh, I'm nervous talking about it! But...I am for the girls," she concluded.

Eilish shared the cover for the Variety issue on her Instagram grid, and fans shared their support for the Grammy winner, with one writing, "proud of you 🏳️‍🌈."

Another shared the quote from the article about being attracted to women and added, "she is such a girls girl ugh love her so much 🤍."

The singer is often honest and forthcoming about her thoughts, something many of her fans love about her. Earlier this year, Eilish also opened up about being body-shamed and how it affects her personal image of herself.

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