Biker shares epic GoPro footage of him winning the world’s longest downhill race

Emerald Pellot

Riding a bike down lots of stairs is not just scary, it’s a sport!

The longest downhill race in the world is Red Bull’s Monserrate Cerro Abajo in Bogotá. Czech pro mountain biker Tomas Slavik was crowned the competition’s champion. In the race, 40 riders from 11 countries sped down the 1,605-step path. Guinness World Records dubbed the 1.5-mile race the longest of its kind. 

Red Bull captured GoPro footage from Slavik’s point of view and it’s intense.

The video shows Slavik speeding down the cobbled path and zooming past workers and photographers standing on the sidelines. The twisty, winding race includes several jump ramps that really upped the intensity. Slavik completed the course in 4 minutes and 42 seconds to snag the ultimate prize.  

“All the guys who made it to the bottom are real heroes and true champions,” Slavik said of his win, according to IMB Bike Mag. “The track is one tough cookie. It’s not about one good line, it’s about saving energy and keeping the flow because the run is so hard.”

Slavik shared the video on YouTube where it racked up over 3.5 million views. Most people who commented joked that they could never pull this off.

“Give me 45 mins and a ladder and I’ll ride this track top to bottom, no issues,” one YouTube user wrote

“I crashed five times and lost my bike, just watching this video!” another said

“I can feel my hands nearly falling off from all those bumps,” a person wrote.

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