“Biggest Loser” Star Erica Lugo Shares Candid Photos of Her Loose Skin Post Weight Loss

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Photo credit: Instagram/Erica Lugo
Photo credit: Instagram/Erica Lugo

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  • Erica Lugo, 33, just shared new photos of her loose skin to Instagram.

  • The Biggest Loser star will have surgery to remove the excess skin in two weeks.

  • Lugo previously lost 160 pounds in 2013 and continues to build muscle.

Erica Lugo is opening up about her weight loss transformation on Instagram. The Biggest Loser star, who previously lost 160 pounds in 2013, said she’s been coping with loose skin for the past five years.

Lugo posted photos of her stomach to Instagram. She said she was nervous to share the vulnerable post, and ultimately has decided to undergo a procedure to remove the excess skin.

“I’ve worked really hard to lose 160 lbs. I’m proud of the muscle I’ve built and I’m more proud that I’ve been able to keep the weight off for 5 years,” she wrote. “Loose skin has been a part of my journey for 5 years. I’ve always been okay with it. It’s been my battle scar, but the more I begin to build muscle and get leaner I get the more loose skin builds up.”

Lugo said that no amount of exercise or diet changes has been able to help tighten the skin around her hips and stomach. “I’ve made the decision to get it removed. It wasn’t an easy decision. It’s been something I’ve researched for years,” she said, adding that she finally scheduled the surgery for the end of September.

Last week, Lugo shared a video of her stomach after fans told her “she doesn’t need the loose skin surgery” and asked her why she was getting it.

“So you can see from here, I look normal or lean,” Lugo said while showing her toned stomach in a mirror selfie. “But these are my Lulu Lemon shorts. These are a size 8, and sure it looks fine, but here’s the thing. See all this?” she asked while grabbing her skin. “I’m so used to tucking this under so when I wear yoga pants, it all pops out, and I’m just ready for it to be gone and stop rubbing. I’m just over it.”

Lugo lost 160 pounds after her weight reached 322 pounds in 2013. The mom of three decided to get in shape after not having the energy to keep up with her then three-year-old son.

Although she told Shape she knew nothing about diet and fitness at the time, she decided to make healthy changes by reducing her calorie intake and ramping up her exercise routine.

Lugo ate smaller portions and eventually sought out low-calorie frozen foods. “Eventually, I began educating myself on food and started learning about fat, carbs, proteins and how to eat balanced meals that fueled me versus comforted me,” she told Shape. She also headed to her local Planet Fitness at 5 a.m. and spent five hours a week on the elliptical, in addition to HIIT classes.

By the end of her first year of her new lifestyle, Lugo lost 122 pounds, and continued with her routine until she lost 160 in total.

Today, Lugo is a trainer and stars on Biggest Loser, helping others lose weight. She also keeps her Instagram followers updated on her weight loss journey and progress today.

As she heads into surgery tomorrow, the trainer said she’s ready. “Let’s do this!” she wrote in an Instagram caption.

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