Big Changes Are Coming To Your Favorite Steakhouse Chains In 2024

Large prepared steak on board
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Few eateries snare our senses as strongly as a good steak restaurant. Between the wafting smell of sizzling meat, the view of servers carrying platters of perfectly cooked pink proteins to and fro, and the moment of pure bliss following that long-awaited first bite, a steakhouse can provide the ultimate platform for a seriously memorable meal.

Luckily for us, there is no shortage of steakhouses in the United States. Major chains bearing the household names Outback, Ruth's Chris, LongHorn, Morton's, The Capital Grille, and others sit tantalizingly on corners around the country, waiting for us to step inside and fill our bellies with some of the best cuts of beef, chicken, or pork the world has to offer.

But in a market flooded with options for the consumer, each one of these chains -- no matter its size or popularity -- must have a willingness to change, adapt, and evolve with the times to survive. Some of our favorite steakhouse franchises are taking major steps to stay relevant and grow their businesses in 2024. We did a little digging to find out what meat-craving consumers can expect in the coming year. From fancy new locations to revamped menus to the elimination of beloved dishes, here are some of the big changes coming to your favorite steakhouse chains in 2024.

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Fogo De Chão Will Continue With Its Epic Worldwide Growth Plan

Fogo De Chao sign
Fogo De Chao sign - Youngvet/Getty Images

Fogo de Chão has taken the world by storm with its authentic Brazilian-style roast meats. Its signature Churrasco Experience prix fixe menu has captivated eaters worldwide, providing mouth-watering fired and seasoned proteins sliced right off the stick in front of consumers at the comfort of their very own tables. Add in its lineup of traditional Brazilian side dishes, and it's no wonder the once-humble chain now sports over 80 locations around the globe.

But though Fogo de Chão has already established itself in notable places like Rio de Janeiro, New York, Monterrey, and the Philippines, it has no plans to slow down. Quite the opposite; the franchise has officially honed in on a two-year global growth initiative. Construction plans for a staggering 21 locations to be built in 2024 and 2025 have been announced, and while some of these new spots will be planted in American cities (such as San Antonio and Orlando), others will be international (such as Toronto and Istanbul). If you've been living at a spot on the map where a Fogo de Chão does not yet exist, don't fret. Based on this new growth plan, something may be headed your way really soon ... and you may not have to wait much longer to sink your teeth into one of its cooked-over-fire creations.

Ruth's Chris Steak House Is Cutting Lunch From Its Lineup

Ruth's Chris steak white plate
Ruth's Chris steak white plate - Chung-Hao Lee/Shutterstock

Founded in 1965 by ambitious single mother Ruth Fertel, Ruth's Chris Steak House has become one of the most well-known steakhouses in history. With more than 150 locations globally, there's a decent chance you're never too far from one of its restaurants ... but as of 2024, you'll have to be sure you do so from 4:30 PM on.

Historically, select Ruth's Chris locations have maintained lunch hours from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., allowing those craving a midday Ruth's Prime Burger, Crab Cake Sandwich, or Seared Ahi Salad could stop in on their breaks. However, the corporation decided to cut this offering in 2024 --simultaneously slashing the above mouth-watering items, since none are currently up for grabs on the standard dinner menu (though that menu does vary from location to location).

The decision to ditch lunch seems to have been motivated by a lack of consumer traffic. With more people working from home in recent years, fewer and fewer patrons are stopping in on the traditional mid-day break, making the earlier opening feel rather fruitless. Other reported changes on the docket for 2024 at Ruth's Chris include sourcing higher-quality steak and discontinuing partnerships with food delivery services to focus its attention exclusively on dine-in patrons.

Your Favorite Outback Steakhouse Location Might Be Closing ... But New Ones Will Reportedly Be Built In Its Place

Bloomin' onion white plate
Bloomin' onion white plate - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

In March 1988, a brand-new meat-forward restaurant called Outback Steakhouse stepped onto the scene in Tampa, Florida. It promoted an Aussie-themed dining experience and offered proteins outside of the typical steak (such as seafood, pasta, and chicken), as well as tasty, interesting side dishes (like its now-famous Bloomin' Onion). But 2024 is bringing some major changes for the franchise with the "No Rules. Just right" motto -- namely, a whopping number of closings which will be followed almost immediately by a slew of new openings.

Outback's parent company, Bloomin' Brands, announced that it will be closing 41 of its locations in 2024. Though a few of these doomed buildings will be underperforming restaurants of other brands -- such as Bonefish Grill and Carrabba's Italian Grill -- a large portion of the closures will be Outbacks.

Don't start mourning yet, however. While the world will be losing a large chunk of outdated steakhouses, the company promises that they will be replaced by more modern ones. A projected 45 new locations split across brands -- which will include 15 to 18 Outback Steakhouses -- are in the works for the new year. Hopefully, the turnaround won't take too long, and you'll be enjoying a steaming Bloomin' Onion at your spiffy new table in no time.

Texas Roadhouse Will Keep Its Success Rolling Via Expansion In 2024

Texas Roadhouse sign
Texas Roadhouse sign - Jetcityimage/Getty Images

Texas Roadhouse, the steakhouse chain that opened in 1993 in Clarksville, Indiana, had a very successful 2023 wrap. The company's average annual sales were over $7.6 million, while the company found itself with plenty of business. "We continue to see guests trading into us from other fast casual or casual diners," said Michael Bailen, head of investor relations, during the company's full-year earnings call reviewing 2023. "[We] feel very happy with the consumer right now" (via Nation's Restaurant News).

Consumers waiting for seats at packed restaurant locations means an increased need for space and growth. The steakhouse's parent company, Texas Roadhouse, Inc., opened 22 new Texas Roadhouse locations in 2023 and will continue steamrolling ahead in '24. The company announced its plans to open an additional 30 new restaurants between all three of its brands -- Texas Roadhouse, Bubba's, and Jaggers -- over the year. Texas Roadhouse, Inc. also noted that all newer restaurants are being built to maximize guest capacity and comfort. Its recently developed digital kitchen technology is being installed in these new locations as well. This innovative new technology (which assists employees in timing orders and allows them to get food out faster) will lead to a calmer staff, leadership insists, as well as consumers being served more quickly. This should allow for faster table turnover and increased profits. It's quite the plan, but given Texas Roadhouse's success as of late, we don't doubt it.

The Palm Is Getting A Major Renovation And Cutting Employees

Chicken parmesan white plate
Chicken parmesan white plate - Facebook / The Palm

The Palm is an upscale steakhouse chain. Its notable location in East Hampton, New York is routinely visited by famous persons, but on New Year's Day, the staff of the deluxe establishment found themselves struck by emotion ... and not thanks to the excitement of a celebrity sighting. Nearly four dozen employees were given letters informing them that, due to a major renovation, they would be unable to continue working. The change was effective immediately.

Only a select handful of staff members would be staying on to help the restaurant operate under limited capacity during construction, the letters detailed. Those who were cut were advised to apply for unemployment during the interim. Distressed and blindsided, the staff reached out to lawyer Edmond Chakmakian. "They obviously knew at Christmas they would be closing," he told the New York Post. "They could have given people 10-days notice but they would have faced an exodus. So they used them for the holiday season and tossed them aside. It's not cool."

Regardless of how the company handled -- or chose not to handle -- its renovation, change is indeed coming to its famous Hampton location. Let's all hope to see something spectacular upon The Palm's completion ... and its workers reinstated, of course.

Nusr-Et Is Ditching Its Famous Gold-Covered Meats At Its Famed London Location

Sliced gold steak Nusr-et
Sliced gold steak Nusr-et - Instagram / thechotobhai

From allegations of employee mistreatment to potential tip theft, Nusret Gökçe, the chef known as Salt Bae -- and his steakhouse chain, Nusr-Et -- has certainly racked up a large share of headlines in recent months. And though the current year is young, the spotlight is once again shining on Nusr-Et. This time, the stories concern some questionable changes being made to its London location in 2024.

Nusr-Et's claim to fame from the beginning has been its gold-leaf covered steaks, which have cost a whopping £700 (around $885) each at its London location. However, Nusr-Et has been reevaluating the prices of some of its menu products, which many have considered ostentatiously expensive. This year, it has decided to eliminate the famous gold-coated steaks from its London menu -- a potentially dubious move given the fact that the unique item has drawn socialites and celebrities alike to the restaurant. But gold steak isn't the only thing now missing from the London location, as its heating is also on the chopping block. While the franchise insists its decision to shut off heat during peak dining hours and after closing time is being done to reduce its carbon footprint, others wonder if slashing operating costs could be another motivation. Either way, this could make the way for another year of headlines for the already highly publicized Nusr-Et.

Sizzler Is Getting A Retro Redesign

Sizzler salad bar
Sizzler salad bar - Instagram / 7newssyd

It feels as though sleek, modern restaurant designs are dominating the restaurant industry, but this year, Sizzler is switching things up by going retro and bringing back the restaurant design featured in its golden years. In the '80s and '90s, Sizzler had a family-oriented feel that was adopted by many chain eateries at the time. The epic salad bar sitting in the center of the establishment stole the show. Millennial consumers likely hold some nostalgia for their childhood days of dining out with their families at Sizzler. It's this nostalgia that the company hopes will save it.

The last few decades have not been kind to Sizzler. The steakhouse has filed for bankruptcy multiple times, including filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1996 and 2020, and its presence has subsequently and continually shrunk across the United States. Going classic is an attempt at bringing customers -- who may be hoping for a taste of the good old days -- through its doors once again. However, the company recognizes that this undertaking is a risky one. There's a fine line between looking old and looking classically cool, after all. Many hope that Sizzler ends up on the right side of that line. These remodels will be mostly cosmetic, involving things like fresh paint and new flooring, and are expected to begin in April 2024.

New LongHorn Steakhouse Locations Will Pop Up Across The US

Longhorn steakhouse location
Longhorn steakhouse location - Scott Olson/Getty Images

LongHorn Steakhouse started sizzling meat at its very first location in 1981 in Atlanta, Georgia -- and now, it's a chain nearly 600 locations strong. If you happen to love the company's Outlaw Ribeye, Renegade Sirloin, or Cowboy Pork Chops, you're certainly not alone. Business appears to be booming for the franchise, so it comes as no surprise that its parent company, Darden Restaurants, has big plans for continued growth in 2024.

After a year of great earnings from its two brands, LongHorn Steakhouse and Olive Garden, Darden is continuing with its plan of putting up an estimated 100 new restaurant locations split between the chains. This outline was announced back in mid-2023, and the franchise appears to be on track. Local news reports from all over the U.S. seem to be popping up regularly, announcing the entrance of a new LongHorn Steakhouse in the locale. Given the sales the franchise has been racking in as of late, we expect there will be plenty of traffic come opening day at these new eateries when the doors finally open.

Texas De Brazil Will Continue Expanding In The US

Texas de Brazil employees roasting meats
Texas de Brazil employees roasting meats - Facebook / UDT Seal Association

Texas de Brazil is a Brazilian-style steakhouse, though the chain didn't originate in Brazil. Instead, its very first location opened, as the name might suggest, in Texas. One of the chain's founders, originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil, wanted to bring his home's food culture to the United States. So, in 1998, the first location of the now-franchise opened in Dallas and has since expanded far beyond the Lone Star State and the U.S. Texas de Brazil has certainly established itself as a successful churrascaria and has no plans to stop in 2024.

This year, the all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse will continue its wide-scale spread across the United States through two new grand openings: one in Cincinnati and the other in Colorado Springs. Though no word on an opening date for the new build in Colorado has been released, the up-and-coming location in Cincinnati is expected to open for business by winter 2024. We wish the lucky local patrons in these two areas many delicious fire-roasted steak meals to come.

Black Angus Steakhouse Announced Two New Partnerships And A Spring Brunch Menu

Black Angus sign
Black Angus sign - Facebook / Black Angus Steakhouse

The Black Angus Steakhouse chain has been sizzling since 1964 -- making 2024 its 60th anniversary. In the wake of this historic milestone, the franchise has some exciting plans for the year ahead; namely, two new company partnerships, as well as an impending mouth-watering brunch menu.

The first partnership is with Big Nose Kate whiskey company. While the organization's spirits are now available for regular order at all Black Angus locations, the steakhouse franchise also put on a one-day special event to celebrate the union on February 1st, called "The Whiskey Experience." The exclusive dining encounter included a luxurious meal alongside specialty cocktails featuring Big Nose's whiskey-malt blend.

As of 2024, the steakhouse chain will also serve coffee and tea blends exclusively sourced from the California-based The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. In addition, a previously tested (and ultimately successful) brunch menu will go into effect for the spring across its 32 total locations. It will include tasty selections like breakfast burgers, steak and eggs, meat-filled burritos, and mimosas. The company's Heroes Discount, a program offering a 15% discount to all dine-in veterans, first responders, and others, is also being extended to include to-go and delivery orders as of this year.

Las Vegas Will Welcome Its First Rare Society Steakhouse

A plate from Rare Society
A plate from Rare Society - Facebook / Jeffrey Lee

All across Las Vegas news outlets, the headlines of early 2024 have been singing the same eager tune as they share the news of a highly anticipated newcomer to the city: Rare Society Steakhouse, a California-based chain that is just beginning to spread outside its state of origin. With four locations in the Golden State and one in Washington, Nevada will become the third state to inherit a Rare Society.

First opening in late 2019, Rare Society is known for its unique vintage style that seamlessly combines retro and modern. It serves steakhouse staples like filet mignon and ribeye cuts that are cooked over oak wood, but also offers up luxurious seafood options such as oysters and grilled lobster. The plan is for the new restaurant, which will be located in the Uncommons development in the southwestern part of Las Vegas, to be up and running by the end of 2024. Who knows? Maybe some of you will be ringing in the next trip around the sun at the newest addition to the Rare Society franchise at this time next year.

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