Bichon Frise's Cute Reaction to Strangers Giving Him Attention Goes Viral

Is there anyone in the world who doesn't freak out when they pass by an adorable dog? Because we can't hold in our excitement even though we've seen thousands of dogs by now. The best interactions, though, are when the dogs get excited to see strangers too. It makes us feel all warm inside!

The perfect example of this comes from TikTok user @rui_thebichon. This adorable Bichon Frise named Rui truly couldn't contain his enthusiasm for the strangers walking by. His beyond-adorable reaction has brought in over 5.3 million views and has completely melted our hearts. Take a look!

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O.M.G. Stop it! This is SO cute. We would've done anything to see Rui light up like this. He is the sweetest, most adorable Bichon Frise we've ever seen!

TikTokers are obsessing over Rui, especially his adorable back legs and paws. As are we! @missk2443 pointed out, "The leg stretch of attention. I can't!!" Right?! He couldn't sit still at all. So many people to say hello to, so little time! "The fact that he stayed down though...obviously well-trained! And handsome," commented @snickers2039. As excited as he was to get attention, he knew to stay calm. That's amazing! If only our dogs could be as calm as this Bichon Frise then we wouldn't have any worries in the world!

"The way I would have dropped to the floor to give him a hug," said @dakatzpjs. That's what we're saying! How did no one immediately run over to Rui and give him all the attention he deserved?! A dog this cute is impossible to ignore!

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