The Bible For Your Elbows. Train, Rehab, Repent!

·1 min read

This article originally appeared on Climbing

Climb long enough--and a few months will do it-- and don’t take proper care of your elbows and you’ll likely end up with tendinitis and tendonosis. And probably both. Then you’ll be in a world of hurt for just about the rest of your life, as elbow injuries are notoriously difficult to get rid of. In fact, you might never have minty-fresh elbows again.

The good news? It’s not too difficult to steer clear of the various maladies that want to beset your elbows. Enough climbers have had elbow problems and been treated using various remedies, fixes and magical chants that the good-health community now knows how to cure you should you wake one morning to stabbing elbow pain. What follows is that wisdom. Read, learn, train properly and rehab when you don’t, and you’ll have years of trouble-free elbows ahead of you.

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