BFFs accidentally take ‘engagement photos’ and now people want them to get married for real

People are loving one woman’s TikTok story, in which she explains that she and her best friend unintentionally wound up in a photo shoot that looked like much more than it was.

According to @lcmarie93, she and her BFF were on a girls trip to Cape Town, South Africa when they decided to do one of the Airbnb photo shoot experiences they’d heard about.

At the time, their thought process was simple: “Get some cute pics, explore the city [and] have fun,” the TikToker recalled.

But it wasn’t until the photos were edited and returned that both women did a double-take.

Without thinking about it, both friends had worn white outfits and posed in various spots around Cape Town while standing rather close and, well, couple-y. In fact, to the naked eye the photos looked like they were part of an engagement shoot or maybe even a honeymoon.

Both women are straight, so that definitely wasn’t the case, but the random faux pas wound up being pretty hilarious and has been entertaining TikTok for days now.

“These are literally better than my wedding photos,” one person shared.

“Plz I kno a wedding pic wen I see it,” one person joked.

“Hate to tell you, but you are totally married now,” someone else wrote.

“okay, both white, jumpsuit and dress combo, AND BOTH OF Y’ALL WEARING CONVERSE?!” another person asked.

In the end, a lot of people wound up rooting for these two to be more than friends, since their on-camera chemistry seemed undeniable.

“sorry but the pictures are so good that you HAVE to get married now,” one person joked. “I don’t make the rules… “

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