Beyonce's skintight, latex dress puts an unexpected spin on rodeo chic

beyonce on red carpet
Beyoncé does rodeo chic x BDSM-coreMason Poole/Parkwood Media / Contributor - Getty Images

Right now is, quite obviously, Beyoncé's moment. The musician and entrepreneur has just released her eighth solo album, Cowboy Carter, and - in the process - unveiled a new sound rooted in country, blues, soul, and rock.

As you know, each Beyoncé album campaign is accompanied by a distinct aesthetic - and Cowboy Carter is no different. Becoming the most streamed album in a single day in 2024 on Spotify, the album's release - and its build-up - have seen Beyoncé adopt a wholly different wardrobe than what we might expect from the forward-facing, perennial trendsetter.

Specifically, Beyoncé has adopted some of the style codes of the Wild West, opting for cowboy hats as a go-to accessory. However, of course, she's not just throwing it back - she's managed to make this style well and truly her own (and modernised it in the process).

Her iteration of cowboy fashion has included coppery locks, as well as a futuristic spin on yeehaw chic - including a semi-nude look including a cowboy hat, cropped jacket and reflective breastplate as well as a stunning pair of red, white and blue assless chaps.

And now, she's back at it! Specifically, Beyoncé turned up to an album signing in Tokyo and completely reinvented everything we knew about rodeo fashion. In photos shared to her Instagram, the musical icon and fashionista can be seen wearing a skintight, knee-length brown latex dress and matching opera gloves as well as a trench coat and a cowboy hat.

The look was accessorised with a statement belt around her waist, strappy stiletto sandals and a pair of dangling earrings.

Yep, no-one is doing it like Queen Bey!

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