Beyoncé Becomes 1st Influencer Valued at More Than $1 Million Per Social Media Post

All hail Queen Bey, who reigns supreme on social media. (Photo: Getty)
All hail Queen Bey, who reigns supreme on social media. (Photo: Getty)

Social media is crazy in love with Beyoncé, and she’s set a precedent that will be hard for anyone to beat. The performer extraordinaire has broken a record by becoming the first and only person to command $1 million per post on social media. “This makes Beyoncé the highest valued influencer currently on social,” according to a press release from D’Marie analytics.

That distinction doesn’t necessarily relate to her cumulative number of followers, though. Instead, it has more to do with the authenticity of her content, according to the company, which determined the star’s value using an algorithm that measures 56 metrics across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Those metrics did include the follower count, but they also encompassed reach, engagement, click-through, and action conversions.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Apr 1, 2017 at 7:48pm PDT

“It’s divine to see an individual who rarely uses her social media to publish anything but authentic, non-branded content actually become the most valued individual on social media for advertisers. In fact, I believe it’s due to her limited release of exclusive, curated content which causes such a frenzy from her audience,” said D’Marie CEO Frank Spadafora in the release. “It’s actually a great lesson for all those over-saturating their feeds with branded, unentertaining or thoughtless content just to stay in front of their audience and appear relevant. These days, less really is more.”

Beyoncé’s valuation on social media saw a steady increase from the moment she “broke the Internet” by announcing on Feb. 1 that she was expecting twins by posting to Instagram an ethereal photo of herself cradling her baby bump before an ornate floral backdrop. The post garnered about 6.4 million likes and 339,000 comments in less than eight hours, breaking Selena Gomez‘s record of 6.3 million likes, according to People. Beyoncé’s pregnancy post currently has almost 11 million likes and more than 534,000 comments.

Her announcement set Twitter ablaze too, with more than half a million tweets about the pregnancy within 45 minutes and a whopping 17,000 tweets per minute. This kind of intense and loyal engagement is what makes for a high-impact influencer, and aspiring influencers can take a lesson from Beyoncé’s content style.

Throughout her pregnancy, in fact, she has sent followers into a frenzy regularly by dropping what the Beyhive believes are hints about her babies-to-be. On Sunday, for instance, she shared a series of photos, called Date Night, on Instagram. They contain artwork by Othelo Gervacio and are set to the song “Pop That Thang” by the Isley Brothers. Some fans were convinced that the photos — which featured the singer against a backdrop of, yet again, flowers — meant Beyoncé is giving her children floral names. Others interpreted the juxtaposition of her purple/blue dress and the pink blooms as a hint that she’s having a boy and a girl.

D’Marie analytics noted that Beyoncé’s jaw-dropping performance at the 2017 Grammys had a major impact on the steadily upward trajectory of her social media engagement. “During the month of March, Beyoncé has consistently released a series of posts to Facebook called ‘Women Making History,’ which has been well received by her audience,” adds the company. “Her Instagram posts have mainly focused on maternity fashion and her Twitter remains inactive since 2013, despite gaining an average of 1,870 followers daily.”

Since Jan. 1, Beyoncé has gained an average of 98,077 new followers a day across her social portfolio, D’Marie noted. An average post by the “Lemonade” artist on Instagram — which is a highly personal curation of her style, art, and family — will draw more than 2 million engagements. Curiously, the company notes she’s posted only seven times in the past 30 days, proving that value has more do with the quality of posts than the quantity of them.

It’s worth noting that Beyoncé also has a very distinctive aesthetic on social media, especially on Instagram. It includes many photo montage videos set to music. It exudes an air of glamour and mystery — that aspirational je ne sais quoi that makes influencer content so captivating.

While influencers can attempt to emulate the superstar’s approach to social media in the hopes of becoming more successful and attractive to advertisers, it’s also worth noting that she’s Beyoncé, and that means she’s irreplaceable. All hail the queen — of social media.

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