Beyoncé Shuns Wig Stigmas By Showing Off Her Natural Hair Routine

Beyoncé is well known for her signature tousled, long blonde hair or honey highlights that are often seen blowing in the wind as she performs. The mega-star launched her first-ever haircare line, Cécred, in February and many beauty lovers and fans alike shared hair tutorials using and rating how the products worked for their specific hair textures.

Beyoncé joined the social media fun by releasing a GRWM-style video on Instagram, showing how she uses her products, where she is in her natural hair journey, why she loves specific products from the "Foundation" collection and addressing stigmas surrounding natural textured hair.

Throughout the video, the singer gives us a peek into her playful personality as we watch her stylist use the brands Hydrating Shampoo, Moisturizing Deep Conditioner, Moisture Sealing Lotion and Nourishing Hair Oil. Most importantly, she takes a moment to address a common misconception about Black women's hair and styling preferences by saying, "The stigma and misconception is that people who wear wigs don't have long and healthy hair; that's some bullsh-t 'cause it's no body business."


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When women with textured hair choose to wear protective styles like wigs, it's often assumed that their hair is damaged, short or worse and with Beyoncé's video showing off her long, luscious hair, it's an indicator that assumption is the furthest from the truth. She also shares some hair care preferences, like blow drying on medium heat because she likes to avoid using too much heat and typically opts for using an "old school press and comb."

The star addresses her iconic hair color by stating that she opts to dye her hair over using a perm or relaxer, which are chemical straightening agents for textured hair. She explains that even with her bright blonde hair, she's been able to maintain her curls and hair texture by using the Cécred products. In the video, she specifically uses the brand's Fermented Rice and Rose Water Ritual because her hair is freshly dyed and the treatment will help to keep her strands strong against the chemicals in the dye.

The video ends as she's expressing pride in Cécred's growth, how the products work on various hair textures and the community the brand has been able to build, but most notably she states her thankfulness for the support of her latest beauty venture.

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