Bette Midler Weighs in on Possible 'Hocus Pocus 3'

Will Bette Midler put a spell on us once more? She says...

This Hocus Pocus 3 update will have you saying, "Double damn!"

It appears there aren't any current plans to conjure up a third movie for the Hocus Pocus franchise. Bette Midler, who plays Winifred Sanderson in the 1993 film and its Disney+ followup, aptly titled Hocus Pocus 2, just shared what she knows about any additional movie—and it isn't promising.

"I'm not sure," Midler noted to E! News Feb. 27 when asked about a possible Hocus Pocus 3.

"Everything is weird," she continued. "I don't know, maybe. Who knows?"

Well, that's not an outright no. So maybe Hocus Pocus 3 isn't as dead as Billy Butcherson.

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Nonetheless, Hocus Pocus 2 did set the stage for another follow-up film, as a final scene showed that another Black Flame Candle did exist in Salem. So, it's very likely that Winifred and her Sanderson sisters, played by Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, could enchant us once again.

In fact, as Midler told Parade in September, "It was so easy to slip back into our roles."

“It was like we just had gone out to lunch," she continued. "We went right back with our characters in such a silly way. It was like no time had passed.”

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Not to mention, we have Midler to thank for Hocus Pocus 2, as she confirmed to Parade that she was the person advocating for a sequel these last three decades. She quipped, "I’d suggested it to agents and producers, but nobody had picked up on the cues!”

Hopefully, we can run amok, amok, amok with the Sanderson sisters again soon.

Hocus Pocus and Hocus Pocus 2 are both available to stream on Disney+.