Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Top Entertaining Tips

bethenny frankel
Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Top Entertaining TipsCeleste Sloman

Saying that Bethenny Frankel has built an impressive career for herself would be a massive understatement. Her name is so synonymous with business acumen and success that it’s actually comical to think about the fact that when she first appeared on The Real Housewives of New York City in 2008, she was a struggling entrepreneur trying to support herself.

Of course, that all changed in 2009 when Frankel launched the Skinnygirl Margarita—and later sold it for an undisclosed amount. Though she could have likely lived off that sale, Frankel continued building her empire. She has successfully launched other food and beverage products, as well as clothing, shape wear, and more. As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, she has written nine books (including five New York Times bestsellers), launched multiple podcasts, and appeared as a regular on Shark Tank. In 2017, Frankel launched B Strong, a foundation that has raised and distributed millions of dollars in cash and supplies to people in crisis.

More recently, Frankel has been giving beauty influencers a run for their money. A little over a year ago, she began posting no-holds-barred product reviews on Instagram and TikTok—and people have gone crazy for them. She’s candid about which affordable products she loves and pricey products she says aren’t worth the hype. More recently, she’s expanded her honest reviews to include things like candy and other goodies. In keeping with the vibe of her social media presence, Frankel also just launched a YouTube channel.

As the weather warms up, we caught up with Frankel to hear all about her wine and mocktail venture and to get her tell-it-like-it-is take on summer entertaining.

Just in time for summer, you recently launched your Forever Young Rosé. What made you want to get into the wine business?

I was the first female to really break into the spirits business and disrupt the space for men and women. I feel like my audience has grown with me. And these women in particular have a different taste level and lifestyle. Forever Young is elevated, and the rosé has a rating that is unprecedented in the United States. I think the rosé category had gotten a little tired. It became too trendy. I hadn’t loved any bottles in a while. So it’s exciting to be able to have this elevated rosé out there.

Do you find yourself turning to wine more than spirits now?

I don’t really drink hard alcohol anymore, for health reasons. If I do have a cocktail, I like it to be reasonable and sippable. But I’ve noticed the women who have followed me are in a similar space. They aren’t partying like they used to when drinking margaritas. I have a daughter now—do I want people pounding cocktails? I’m also [involved] in a nonalcoholic brand called Mingle Mocktails, which are great when you don’t want to drink or if you’ve gone dry.

Say you’re throwing a summer gathering and want to serve Forever Young Rosé. What would you serve with it?

It’s perfect for crudité or a charcuterie board. I also like the idea of serving it with something fresh—I’ve been very into jumbo lump crab lately. Really, anything fresh and light—a good salad would be excellent, too.

What does every good party need?

Good lighting and good music that everyone likes. You also want to serve food that won’t make people feel gross and sloppy. You want food people can just pop in their mouth. So think of things that look impressive but are easy to eat—like jumbo shrimp. It looks impressive but is so easy. Just put it out with some cocktail sauce and you’re done.

If you are hosting a party, what’s something you can do to make your life easier?

A signature drink is a great idea. You can premake a big batch, create a cute sign, and put it out. You can even do a few of them if you want. It’s so much easier than a choose-your-own adventure bar where counters get sticky and it starts looking sloppy. Creating a few signature cocktails makes it easier. Maybe you pick one tequila drink, one vodka drink, and one rum drink. Then put them in big pitchers or urns, and you’re good.

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