Bethenny Frankel Calls Kylie Jenner’s Makeup a "Scam" in Scathing Instagram Review

bethenny frankel calls kylie jenner’s makeup a
Bethenny Frankel Calls Kylie's Makeup a "Scam"Getty/Instagram

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Welp, Bethenny Frankel is once again making her feelings all kinds of known about the Kardashians' various business pursuits. And this time, she's focusing on Kylie Jenner's eponymous line of beauty products, Kylie Cosmetics.

In a video posted to her Instagram account (captioned "girl, don’t do it, it’s not worth it"), Bethenny reviewed Kylie's new Birthday PR Box, which retails for $175. The thing is, apparently you can buy the products in the box (the "Birthday Bundle") for just $58.

“I'm confused," Bethenny said. "A girl said it on TikTok, I was confused, I thought something had to be different. There is something different. This has a box that you’re going to throw in the garbage. Unless you have a hamster that you're gonna put in here."

She went on to claim she was going to return the box, and then said, “Breaking news, this just in, I just found out that Kylie Beauty doesn’t accept returns so I am stuck with a $117 cardboard box. Maybe I'll go to the mall and get myself a hamster [...] They are the same except for the box. That’s a scam. How stupid do we have to be? I just wanna know, like how stupid do we have to be? Okay, I mean, I’m a sucker, I like the packaging, I like the stuff, but where you lose me is when you scammed me.”

She makes points! But honestly, nothing can top Bethenny's absolutely brutal review of Kim's skincare line:

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