Beta Testing for 'Dragon Ball: The Breakers' Is Now Open to Public

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers has just announced that its beta testing is now open to the public. A month ahead of its official release, the game will allow fans of the DBZ franchise to experience the anime/manga like never before with this one-on-seven online asymmetrical action game.

In the game, seven players play a role as everyday humans in the game that are tasked with escaping the wrath of a "Raider." The Raider is one of the villains from the franchise and takes shape as either Cell, Frieza, or Buu.

Players will need to take advantage of things like power-ups and skills to make it to the Super Time Machine while the Raider does everything in his power to catch them -- including blowing up large chunks of the city. Head over to Steam to try the upcoming title now.

The test servers will be open during the following period:

UTC: 9/22 (Thurs) 1:00AM - 9/25 (Sun) 8:00AM
CEST: 9/22 (Thurs) 3:00AM - 9/25 (Sun) 10:00AM
PDT: 9/21 (Wed) 6:00PM - 9/25 (Sun) 1:00AM

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