The Best Wines To Pair With Popular Potato Chip Flavors, According To An Expert

Wine with potato chips
Wine with potato chips - Alexsalcedo/Getty Images

One of the upsides to living through our current era is that we can do wild stuff, like seriously pair wine with potato chips -- free from the judgment of snobs and people otherwise incapable of enjoying their lives. In fact, Matt Strauch, a sommelier and the general manager of Denver, Colorado's Noble Riot restaurant, was kind enough to share some pointers specifically about pairing wine and potato chips with Daily Meal. Starting with the basics, he tackled the question of which wine goes best with regular salted potato chips.

"The best type of wine to pair with classic salted potato chips is a refreshing sparkling wine, like a dry (brut) cava, Franciacorta, or Champagne," Strauch said. "The bubbles cleanse the palate, while the acidity complements the saltiness of the chips, creating a delightful contrast." Champers and chips? This is beginning to sound like a potentially lucrative franchise. Since you've already broken out the bubbly, consider kicking your chips up a notch with a dose of nuanced salinity by enjoying the crisp, savory spuds with spoonfuls of briny caviar to round things out in style.

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If You Like Flavored Chips, Don't Skip The Wine Aisle

Open bag of BBQ chips
Open bag of BBQ chips - sasirin pamai/Shutterstock

When it comes to which wines pair well with flavored chips, things can get a bit trickier. For BBQ chips (which you can make yourself), Matt Strauch thinks their smoky, spicy tang will "match well with a fruity and ripe-tasting Zinfandel to balance the smoky flavors." In general, however, you'll want to stick with white wines, even for assertively-flavored potato chips.

Do you have a taste for salt and vinegar chips? Open a bottle of "acidic Sauvignon Blanc to complement the tanginess," Strauch advises. Meanwhile, he feels that sour cream and onion chips "harmonize with a leesy Friulano, enhancing the creamy and herbal notes of the wine." Even better, he insists that nothing is off limits -- no matter your favorite chip flavor, there's a wine that will pair with it. So, you can begin your home experiments anytime with any bottles you have on hand. Still, what about something truly off-kilter, like a quirky sweet and savory potato chip flavor combination?

Chocolate-Covered Chips And The Wines That Love Them

A bowl of chippers
A bowl of chippers - gowithstock/Shutterstock

"Chippers" from North Dakota have been around for decades. They're potato chips covered in different types of chocolate, ranging from white to milk to semi-sweet. When challenged with this wine pairing, Matt Strauch admitted it wasn't an easy task. After some consideration, he said he "would lean on a medium-sweet Madeira with Verdelho as the dominant variety, as their sweet and salty elements complement the chocolate while balancing the savory aspect of the chip." Portuguese vintners will no doubt be gratified.

Runners-up in Strauch's chipper wine pairing choices include an Amontillado or cream sherry, which "would be fun as they are slightly sweet with a tinge of salinity." Bear in mind that Amontillado sherry tends to be dry, while cream sherries usually have the sweetness of a dessert wine. In fact, if you don't have a passion for chocolate-covered potato chips but still have a boozy sweet tooth, you could explore some sommelier recommendations for choosing a dessert wine.

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