The Best Tweets About the Succession Season 4 Premiere

succession premiere
Tweets About the Succession Season 4 PremiereCourtesy of HBO

The last season of Succession is finally here, and if the premiere is any indication, it will be a masterful ending. The first episode featured Logan Roy's depressing birthday party; Kendall, Shiv, and Roman teaming up; and the return of Nan Pierce.

"I have a sneaking affection for Logan," Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy, told Town & Country in the March 2023 cover story. "I think he’s a misunderstood man." Of Logan's children, Cox says, "They are wedded to avarice. He can see that, and he knows it’s his creation. He knows that they’re going to fuck it up. He knows that they haven’t got the stuff to do it but they’ll try anyway. And that, again, is what the show is all about: entitlement."

We'll see how this entitlement plays out throughout the final season. Here, some of the best tweets about the season four premiere:

1. Imagine if The Hundred were real...

2. Whomst among us does not suffer from migraines!!

3. How did Roman emerge the smartest Roy kid?

4. We love our emotional support billionaires 💕

5. Just here for the vibes, not the business conversations.

6. The new "what could one banana cost, Michael?"

7. A spin-off we'd watch, TBH

8. Silence has never been quite this loud

9. Honestly, same

10. Cyd Peach fanclub, hello

11. White Louts x Succession crossover when

12. Watching Succession is a full time job

13. Thinking about Naomi Pierce's new hairstyle

14. The Disgusting Brothers > all other names

15. Exactly

16. We're ready for Logan's Netflix stand-up special

17. It worked?

18. #TeamLogan forever

19. Another spin-off we'd watch in a heartbeat:

20. Justice for Mondale the dog

21. Every single tweet about the Hundred was *chef's kiss*

22. Truly, perfection

See you next week for more Succession.

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