The Best Time To Visit Savannah, Georgia

<p>Amy Luo/Moment/Getty Images</p>
 Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

Amy Luo/Moment/Getty Images

Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia

There’s never a bad time of the year to visit charming Savannah, Georgia—it is the Hostess City, after all. And it's also home to amazing restaurants, a thriving arts scene, and more history than you can ever explore in one trip. But depending on your travel preferences and priorities, there are certain months that might be better than others.

Savannah’s high season is March to June, when the weather is sunny but mild, and the city is filled with flowers and fun things to do. But other months of the year are cheaper and less crowded, which might be even more appealing than azalea season for some travelers.

Read on for our tips on making your most out of your Savannah vacation. Whatever time of the year you choose to go, you’ll be in for a wonderful time.

The Best Time To Visit Savannah For Nice Weather

Meg McKenny
Meg McKenny

One of the best things about Savannah is its walkability, so weather is an important factor to consider when planning your trip. For sunny days that aren’t swelteringly hot and humid, April and May are ideal months to visit. The city’s many parks are in bloom, outdoor dining is extra pleasant, and strolling from neighborhood to neighborhood is a joy. You also might be in town for the annual NOGS (“North of Gaston Street”) Tour of Hidden Gardens, which allows you to explore private and historic gardens that are otherwise not open to the public.

The Best Time To Visit Savannah For Lower Prices

Savannah’s off season is January and February, so this is the prime time to score a deal on flights and hotels. While the winter months aren’t as picturesque (you won’t find any azaleas blooming), it’s still not a bad time to enjoy the city. It does get down to the 30s and 40s at night, but daytime temperatures typically range from the late 50s to the upper 60s, which is still quite comfortable if you’re dressed accordingly.

The Best Time To Visit Savannah For Less Crowds

Another time to visit for less money is late July to September. Summer temperatures peak during this window, which scares off some visitors. You can still have a great time if you spend most of your time indoors at museums, shops, and restaurants—all of which are in abundance in Savannah, and more enjoyable with less crowds. Because hotel rates are lower during this time, you can (and should) splurge on one that has a pool.

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The Best Time To Visit Savannah In The Spring

Photo Credit: Georgia Department of Economic Development Vibrant spring azaleas in Savannah, Georgia
Photo Credit: Georgia Department of Economic Development Vibrant spring azaleas in Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is breathtakingly beautiful in the spring, but there is a sweet spot during this season. Between late March and early April, the city is splashed in vivid pink, red, and purple hues as the azaleas come into bloom. It’s the best time to visit Savannah’s historic Bonaventure Cemetery, which is filled with azaleas, as well as the Savannah Botanical Garden. An added bonus for music lovers: It’s also time for the city’s annual music festival, which has an exciting and diverse lineup of musicians from around the world.

The Best Time To Visit Savannah In The Summer

<p>Peter Frank Edwards/Southern Living</p>

Peter Frank Edwards/Southern Living

Memorial Day weekend is a busy time in Savannah, and for good reason. The weather is gorgeous, and you can hit up the beach on nearby Tybee Island. The city offers plenty of free, family-friendly activities like live performances along River Street overlooking the Savannah River. If you’re lucky enough to score tickets (book them in advance), you can attend a Savannah Bananas baseball game, one of the most fun sporting events in the world.

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The Best Time To Visit Savannah In The Fall

This historic city has a spooky side, so plan your visit for October. You can take your pick from several ghost tours, including ones through Bonaventure Cemetery, which takes on a completely different vibe at night. The Savannah Theater, which dates back to 1818, is said to be haunted, and has special programming centered on its ghosts. If you’re looking for something less scary, the Plant Riverside District hosts Oktoberfest events, and the Savannah Philharmonic brings music to area parks. October also brings welcome relief from the summer heat, and it’s a lovely time of year to stroll around and take in the fall decorations on doorsteps and shop windows.

The Best Time To Visit Savannah In The Winter

<p>Joseph Shields/Getty Images</p>

Joseph Shields/Getty Images

Winter in the Lowcountry usually doesn’t involve snow, but you’ll find plenty of holiday cheer during the month of December. The city has a busy calendar of events, like the Christmas Market at the Plant Riverside District. And if you’re looking for gifts, there are shops filled with treasures, like the Paris Market, Savannah Candy Kitchen, and the City Market. And wandering around can be fun too. Downtown streets are dressed up in twinkling lights and magnolia swags, hotel lobbies are warm and cozy with fireplaces and Christmas trees, and there’s even an annual boat parade of lights on the riverfront.

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