The Best Time to Shop at Aldi, According to an Employee

You'll find more variety and get better deals.



Aldi is a top grocery store for many reasons, including its affordable prices, wide selection, and regular rotation of new, trendy products. For budget-minded shoppers in need of ease and convenience (Aldi’s new checkout system AlDIgo aims to make the process even faster), the ability to stock up on freezer meals, pantry staples, and home goods without compromising on quality and flavor makes Aldi’s a favorite supermarket.

That also means that shopping at your local Aldi can get pretty hectic, with long wait times and large crowds at peak hours. Luckily, there are days and times to shop that are best for finding deals and popular items with less hassle—and we now know when, thanks to employees and customers who have taken to Reddit to share their tips.

For a better trip to Aldi, take some time to plan accordingly and avoid leaving disappointed, with hours wasted or—worse—a nearly empty shopping cart. Here are the best times and days to head to Aldi, according to staff members and customers.

The Worst Times to Shop at Aldi, Per Customers

Afternoons and early evenings, especially on weekdays, are the worst times to shop at Aldi since that's when most people get off school and work. “Yeah, usually mine is busy from 3-6 P.M. as people are getting off of work,” said Redditor ApatheticJellyFish. User Aaaandiiii also wrote, “I usually go during my lunch break at 9am. Every now and then I go after work at 3pm and I always deeply regret it. Everything is picked over heavily and if I want bread or produce I'm SOL. And of course it's packed.”

The Best Day to Shop at Aldi, According to an Employee

Generally, weekdays are busier than weekends, but it varies depending on the store and factors including holidays, time of day, truck deliveries, location, weather and more. An employee said on Reddit that Wednesday is universally a good day to shop at Aldi. User AmiriteClyde wrote, “New prices roll out every Wednesday and they have new ‘produce picks of the week’ which means that you can get a steal on some produce and other products.” Another helpful insider tip? “Since this produce is marked down so cheap, it goes fast so it's always being replaced with new product. It'll never just sit all day without being replenished but like I said, always dig to the bottom.”

Tips for Finding the Best Times to Shop at Aldi

Ask for Your Store's Delivery Day

The Aldi employee commented in the same thread that “It differs from store to store. When you're in there, ask what days they get their delivery truck. Those are the days you want to go because that product basically came straight from the farm (or off the boat) to the warehouse then straight to the store. Most stores get 5 deliveries a week and lower volume stores may get 2-3.” This can vary based on location, but asking can make a big difference in planning your trip and finding the items you’re looking for without the hassle and crowds.

Go in the Morning for Better Deals and Inventory

According to Redditor noncongruent, store workers check products before opening and mark those with nearing expiration dates. “Store workers put these stickers on before open every day based on expiration dates and OH quantities, so the best time to catch these is when they open," said the user. So set an alarm to arrive early and snag products at a discount.

Discounts often pop up in the meat section, per an ex-employee. “When there’s this many discount stickers, that usually means the warehouse sent them whole cases of meat that’s close to the expiration date,” said taylortherod. Don’t fear buying in bulk, since meat products freeze well for later use, and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Shop Super Late to Avoid Primetime Crowds

People tend to shop right after work in the early evening so they can head home and cook a meal. Staying late, past when most shoppers have left, is a good way to avoid crowds. Some shoppers also find that their stores mark items for discount in the latter part of the day. In the same thread, Redditor irishguy773 shared that “Some do it before closing the night before," which user astrid273 also observed: “Same. I find more of these near closing time than opening.”

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