The Best Tattoo Ideas to Get Inked on Your Hands

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Photo credit: Instagram @artbyscissorhands ; @bryan.gee
Photo credit: Instagram @artbyscissorhands ; @bryan.gee

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Hand tattoos are all the rage these days, but it's especially important to do your research before pulling the trigger on something that permanent with that high visibility placement.

Not only is the hand one of the most prominent areas for other people to see, but it's probably also the most visible place where you will be looking the most often. So, you need to make sure that you really love what you're putting there. You should also keep in mind that you use your hands often and likely, especially in today’s current world, are washing your hands constantly. With that, remember that there is even more likelihood of your hand tattoo fading more quickly than it would on a different spot on your body.

On the design front, there are a multitude of cool tattoo styles for your hand, from tribal and American traditional, to realism and watercolor. Do you know what style is your favorite? The shape of the hand lends well to certain iconic tattoo designs, like roses and skulls, but there is more than one way to skin (or tattoo?) a cat on your hand.

Read on for all of the hand tattoo inspiration you need to find the perfect design for the back of your hand:

Seems wrong to kick off a collection of hand tattoo inspiration without mentioning this newly-iconic shot of Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s hand tattoos. If it's Instagram official, you know it's real.

When the news broke about Travis and Kourt, K-Pop stans were quick to remind the rest of the internet that Jungkook (of BTS fame) also has hand tattoos.

Maybe you want to try something subtle like a minimal finger tattoo before you go for a full hand? Men can use Ariana Grande for tattoo inspo, too, btw.

If minimalist ink is not your thing, maybe you'll be more into this beautifully intense full-hand lion tattoo.

A rose is the perfect iconic tattoo design that also works really well with hand placement.

The eyes have it and this pair of eye hand tattoos are pretty epic if you're not afraid to make a bold statement.

Valentine’s Day might be over, but cupid hand tattoos remain a classic.

Looking for a wolf hand tattoo? This American traditional style is an awesome option.

Take your skull hand tattoo a step further with this creative placement.

For something a little more bright and adventurous, consider this epic Japanese-inspired design.

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