Last chance to score incredible Super Bowl 2022 TV deals, starting at just $500

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A 75-inch Samsung TV for $850? Shut up and take my money! (Photo: Samsung)
A 75-inch Samsung TV for $850? Shut up and take my money! (Photo: Samsung)

Super Bowl 2022 airs this Sunday, Feb. 13. The matchup: The Cincinnati Bengals against the LA Rams. The setting: Your living room. The challenge: Finding the best Super Bowl TV deal (and making sure to get it in time) so you can enjoy the game in style.

Let's be clear: When it comes to sports, the bigger the screen, the better. A couple weeks back I watched the Bengals squeak past the Tennessee Titans on a 75-inch Hisense TV, and it was just dazzling to see at that size. And if you think you can't afford something quite that big, you might be surprised by some of the deals available right now.

For this roundup I looked only at 65-inch and larger models, because if we're doing this, we're doing this, right? Every TV below is notable for having a substantial discount (as of this writing; that's subject to change), solid ratings or a combination of the two. I'll start with the least-expensive ones first.

(Pro tip: Any new TV will benefit greatly from a sound bar. One great pick right now is the TCL Alto 6+, which includes a 31.5-inch wall-mountable bar and a wireless subwoofer. The TCL Alto 6+ is on sale at Amazon for $99, a savings of $31.)

PRICE DROP! TCL 4-Series 70-inch 4K UHD Android TV: $500 (save $330)

If you're an Android phone user, you'll likely be very comfortable with TCL's interface. (Photo: TCL)
If you're an Android phone user, you'll likely be very comfortable with TCL's interface. (Photo: TCL)

This is an older model in TCL's lineup, but it's also an extremely popular one, with specs that very closely rival the Onn option below. There's one key exception, however: TCL's TV employs Android for its user interface, which may prove comfortingly familiar to anyone who uses an Android phone.

Google Assistant is here as well: Just push a button on the remote to deliver voice commands like "Watch Ozark on Netflix" or "lower the volume." (If you have a Google-powered smart speaker or even just your phone nearby, you should be able to use hands-free commands as well.)

Although I haven't tested either one, my gut tells me TCL's TV will offer an overall better picture than Onn's — largely because the former has been in the TV game quite a bit longer.

$500 $830 at Best Buy

Onn 70-inch 4K UHD Roku TV: $548 (save $31)

Ironically, this isn't what the Roku interface looks like on Walmart's Onn TV. (Photo: Walmart)
Ironically, this isn't what the Roku interface looks like on Walmart's Onn TV. (Photo: Walmart)

Already at steal at $579 (now $548), Walmart's house-brand TV is undeniably a budget model — but a 70-inch budget model, one equipped with the enviable Roku interface. That means you don't need to plug in anything extra to stream Netflix, Hulu and the like; those apps and countless others are at the ready.

The TV includes three HDMI inputs, so you can connect a cable box, game console and HDMI-ARC sound bar (or whatever mix of devices you prefer). Don't expect the deepest black levels or most hyper-accurate colors; do expect giant football action at a price that won't break the bank.

(Want to save even more? Sign up for a free 15-day Walmart+ trial, then take a quick three-question survey to add two more weeks for a solid 30 days of use. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)

$548 $579 at Walmart

Hisense 65U6G 65-inch 4K ULED Android TV: $600 (save $30)

It's not shown here, but the Hisense U6G uses the familiar Android operating system.
You may not know the Hisense brand, but it's rapidly becoming a player in the budget-TV space. (Photo: Hisense)

Why would you choose a 65-inch TV that's discounted only $30, especially when the aforementioned TCL model offers 70 inches for the same price? Simple: Hisense's U6G models employ quantum-dot technology, which promises dramatically improved color over traditional LCD TVs. You also get Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which many movie theaters use for ultra-realistic images and sounds.

All that is to say the U6G is more advanced than the typical budget TV, while still maintaining a budget price. For those willing to accept the trade-off of a slightly smaller screen but higher-quality audio and video, the option is there.

Side note: I own the 75-inch U6G; it's great, especially for sports.

(If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll get free shipping, of course. Not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your free 30-day Amazon Prime trial here.)

$600 $630 at Amazon

Hisense 75R6E3 75-inch 4K UHD Roku TV: $698 (save $300)

Speaking of 75-inch TVs, here's one for under $700 — a price that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. Hisense's R6 series features a built-in Roku interface and 120Hz refresh rate, the latter better for fast-paced sports (like football).

However, it's hard to get a bead on whether this is the current (2020) model or a previous version. Walmart's product page indicates support for both Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands; over at Hisense proper, Alexa is the only listed assistant. Walmart doesn't mention Dolby Vision, either, a pretty notable spec, but the Hisense product page does.

Needless to say, one benefit to buying a TV from Walmart is relatively easy returns: If you don't like it, just drive it back to the nearest store.

$698 $998 at Walmart

Samsung 7 Series 75-inch 4K UHD Tizen TV: $850 (save $250)

Here's a look at the Tizen OS built into Samsung's TV.
A 75-inch Samsung TV for $850? Shut up and take my money! (Photo: Samsung)

A hefty discount — the largest since Black Friday — makes Samsung's mammoth screen well worth your consideration. Oh, and don't forget the 4.6-star average rating from over 2,200 Best Buy customers. That's among the highest I've seen for any TV in this price range.

Although it's a smart TV, the 7 Series relies on Samsung's Tizen software, which is...fine. It gets the job done, streaming-wise, but you can always plug in something like an Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku Ultra if you decide you don't like the interface.

$850 $1,100 at Best Buy

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series 75-inch: $900 (save $200)

You don't even have to touch the remote to use Amazon's Fire TV Omni Series, which supports hands-free Alexa operation. (Photo: Amazon)
You don't even have to touch the remote to use Amazon's Fire TV Omni Series, which supports hands-free Alexa operation. (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon's Omni Series TVs offer a few key advantages over nearly every other model here. First up: Built-in hands-free Alexa. Without so much as touching the remote, you can ask the TV to turn on and start streaming Ozark on Netflix. (You can also ask it to do other Alexa-y things, like tell you the weather or show you the doorbell camera feed.)

The Fire TV OS supports not only streaming apps, but various games and productivity tools as well — including Zoom. Just plug in a compatible webcam and you can enjoy big-screen video calls. Meanwhile, the TV itself offers Dolby Vision and Dolby Digital Plus.

And this ties the lowest price on record, so you're getting just as good a deal as you would have on Black Friday.

$900 $1,100 at Amazon

LG UP8770 Series 85-inch 4K UHD TV: $1,500 (save $400)

It's hard to tell from photos just how large an 85-inch TV is.
If you've got the wall, LG's got the 85-inch monster screen to fill it. (Photo: LG)

If you've got the space in your budget and your living room, consider splurging on this 85-inch behemoth. I mean, talk about home theater; a typical projector setup gives you a 100-inch screen, so you're pretty darn close here — without all the typical projector hassles. The price is amazing, too.

The UP8770 is pretty packed with features, including Dolby Vision; support for Apple AirPlay 2 and HomeKit; your choice of Alexa or Google Assistant voice controls; and a settings-optimizer for game players. LG's Magic Remote provides not only streaming shortcut buttons, but also a scroll wheel for easier menu navigation.

Honestly, the only real downside here is the space requirement: A TV this large will need a big piece of furniture to hold it or a big chunk of wall space (and serious mounting hardware). But, wow, the Super Bowl is going to look amazing.

$1,500 $1,900 at Best Buy

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