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Nordstrom is having a wild sale on TikTok’s favorite fragrances that get so many ‘you smell good’ compliments

If you, like me, love to online shop, then you know how fun it is when Nordstrom comes through with a surprise sale. This is especially true when it comes to the retailer’s stacked beauty section. And right now, there’s a major Nordstrom fragrance sale going on.

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When I saw a ton of fragrances marked down, I fully expected old-school scents that my grandma loves. No shade, they’re classic for a reason! But there are so many new trending perfumes out there that beauty editors (like myself) and TikTok are obsessed with that are rarely marked down.

Good news, besties: A ton of our favorite TikTok-viral fragrances are majorly marked down, and everyone will be obsessed with you after one spritz. There are so many Replica fragrances marked down, from clean classics like Lazy Sunday Morning to sultry scent stories like Jazz Club, as well as gorgeous beachy scents like basically everything from SKYLAR.

Scroll below to shop the best perfumes from the Nordstrom fragrance sale. Honestly, it’s the best excuse to amp up your perfume collection — which is exactly what I’m telling myself.

This beachy floral fragrance evokes the memory of a summer day with rays of light, the heat of the sun and the taste of salt and sunscreen. Notes include bergamot, neroli oil, coconut milk and musk. I also wore this perfume on a romantic trip to Mexico with my fiance, and every time I wear it, I remember that sunkissed vacation glow. I'd go so far as to say this is a safe blind buy.
$72 at Nordstrom
This soft and casual eau de parfum is a fan favorite of basically everyone who loves clean beauty. Inspired by two of life's classic pleasures — lazy mornings in bed and fields of flowers — it's sexy and casual like your favorite pair of jeans and a white tee. The gorgeous scent contains notes of pear, jasmine and freshly cut grass.
$53 at Nordstrom
If you haven't seen Bubble Bath on your FYP, then I don't believe you're actually on TikTok. The ultimate fresh "clean girl" scent, one spritz of this sucks you into an aromatic soap bubble surrounded by soft floral scents of super rose essence, jasmine and lavender. Other notes include coconut, patchouli and white musk.
$72 at Nordstrom
There's nothing more comforting and intoxicating than the warm smell of vanilla. TikTok says that this rich and creamy gourmand scent stands out from the rest of vanilla perfumes because it's hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin and vegan. Oh, and it smells really, really good. I credit that to the notes of cappuccino and caramelized cedar.
$67 at Nordstrom
This woody and floral unisex eau de parfum evokes an addictive and explosive mood. I mean, the name is "Sunset Riot," so what else would you expect? The key note in this eau de parfum is pink pepper, which offers a tingling floral and rose scent. The orange flower's citrus kick gives a lightly punchy and fresh edge, while a base note of cedarwood completes the fragrance with a richly warm and earthy finish that balances the coolness of the orange flower.
$63 at Nordstrom
Another TikTok favorite by Replica, this baby is perfect if you're looking to chill out in the mornings or throughout the day. This eau de toilette offers a peaceful moment when your mind escapes and your senses awaken. The fresh scent of bergamot and green tea accord envelops you in a calming sense of serenity while the base of white chocolate, moss and cedarwood brings you back to the present. It's like drinking an actual matcha latte on a chilly summer morning, right?
$72 at Nordstrom
Everyone loves the bright, zingy smell of citrus. This best-selling Clinique spray has notes of grapefruit, bergamot (the classic "Oh my god, you smell amazing!" note) and Hawaiian wedding flower. Hear that? Wedding flower. First launched in 1997, this scent is having a major resurgence, mostly because it's formulated with happiness. Happiness!
$54 at Nordstrom

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