The Best Self-Care Product To Help You Chill Out, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Kristin Magaldi

Self-care looks different for everyone. While a sheet mask can be the ultimate form of bliss for one person, spending time reading in a park may be someone else’s go-to. Though it takes varied forms, self-care is something we should all be incorporating into our lives. If you don’t know where to start, and you happen to be an astrology lover, the stars can give you some guidance.

According to astrologer Lisa Stardust, each zodiac sign has a specific set of character traits that will lend itself to preferred forms of relaxation. For example, if you’re a Pisces, you may need a swim in the ocean to feel at peace, while if you're a Gemini, you might not feel calm unless you're chatting with friends. Similarly, the self-care products you find most appealing can also be attributed to your zodiac sign. So if you’re looking for some serious R&R but don't know how to make it happen, the list below is full of astrologically-ordained self-care products meant for each sign.


When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, Aries, your world-famous temper can flare up. That’s why it’s important to find a product that will keep you cool. “Aries is known to be temperamental and hotheaded, so a head massager is ideal to calm their passionate nature,” Stardust says. You might be a smidge freaked out by multi-pronged, pointy devices, so we highly recommend this scalp massaging shampoo brush from Vitagoods that will give your head a good rub while keeping it clean.

- $13.99 Available at Amazon


Taurus, you like to opt for the classics, as self-care to you means treating yourself. “A face mask is the way to go for Taurus to chill out, as their Venusian vibes will be thrilled to get some TLC,” Stardust says. Why have one when you can have twelve different options, all incredibly moisturizing and freshly scented?


When you have a bad day, Gemini, you probably blow up all your friends’ phones to air out your grievances. Just remember to take care of your fingers. “Hand lotion for chatty Gemini to moisten up their fingers after texting and sending selfies to their friends" is the perfect self-care remedy, Stardust says. We’ve tried the Shea Better hand cream from eos, and our parched winter hands were grateful.

- $2.98 Available at Amazon


As the first water sign of the zodiac, you likely want to incorporate your element into your self-care routine. “A water foot massager can help Cancer unwind and be present in the moment without worries,” Stardust suggests. This bad boy, which Amazon reviewers swear by for foot pain, currently has a 20% off coupon.

- $67.99 Available at Amazon


Self-care for you, Leo, means treating your hair to something special. “A leave-in hair moisturizer to tame Leo’s infamous mane, one that’ll make them roar with glee, activates their senses,” Stardust says. This oil moisturizer from Ancient Greek Remedy uses a combo of olive, lavender, almond, and grape seed oil along with Vitamin E to quench any thirsty scalp.

- $14.99 Available at Amazon


For you, Virgo, you need a more spiritual solution for your self-care routine. May we suggest crystals? “A Citrine Crystal will help Virgo find the right words to say and help their gastrointestinal area, which is where they carry a lot of stress,” Stardust claims. These Citrine healing stones can be carried around in your pocket, or used during a meditation.

- $6.98 Available at Amazon


For the Venus-oriented sign of the zodiac, we recommend a luxurious product that incorporates the crystal of love. “A rose quartz face roller will not only strengthen facial tissues, but it will also restore, revive, and destress the skin,” Stardust says. Amazon reviewers rave about the cooling and de-puffing properties of this roller by INOTKA, suggesting to stick it in the freezer and use it with your favorite serum.

- $22.99 Available at Amazon


According to Stardust, you need something that will make you feel warm and toasty, while incorporating your element, water. “A heated water bottle is ideal,” Stardust says. Fill up this one from All one tech with some water fresh out of the kettle, pop the sweater on it, and stick it under your bed for all the coziness.

- $9.99 Available at Amazon


Sag, you’re all about the healing properties of CBD, especially for your aches. “CBD cream is great for Sag to massage on their hips and back, where they collect a lot of stress and tension,” Stardust says. Amazon reviewers claim this hemp-based cream from KAIZEDO is so powerful, it can relieve pain post-surgery.

- $29.99 Available at Amazon


As a constantly working Cap, you likely have a lot of neck and back pain from hunching over your computer all hours of the day. That’s why an acupressure mat may be your self-care savior. “An acupressure mat will awaken the joints in the body—also. release toxins that have built up within,” Stardust says. This one from ProSourceFit includes a mat large enough to cover your back along with a pillow that will help muscle tension in your neck.

- $19.99 Available at Amazon


You’re pretty simple, Aquarius. Pop on the kettle, find a nice tea blend, and you’re happy. “The water-bearer will find healing in the form of food magic, through an invigorating cup of herbal tea—which will also help them reflect too,” Stardust says. You’ll love the Yogi tea in Sweet Tangerine because it promotes positive energy, and you’ll get a kick out of the cute messages on your teabag.

- $3.99 Available at Amazon


All you truly want is a bath, Pisces. “Pisces decompresses in water, which is why a lovely and relaxing foaming bath will help detox their minds,” Stardust says. Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bath is an Amazon favorite, featuring eucalyptus, which is sure to chill you out.

- $14.18 Available at Amazon

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