Best Pond Skim Prank Ever?

Remember the heartwarming snowboarding adventures of Robert and his adorable daughters? Well, their latest video will have you rolling with laughter! In a clever plot twist, Robert decides to play a prank on unsuspecting pond skim viewers, and oh boy, did he succeed!

Picture this: Robert confidently gliding across the icy pond, his "daughter" strapped onto a tiny snowboard beside him. As spectators gasp and cheer, little do they know that Robert's daughter is actually a cunningly crafted dummy! The suspense builds as they approach the end, and just when everyone thinks they've witnessed an incredible feat, Robert takes a spectacular tumble into the freezing water!

Cue the uproarious laughter and applause from the crowd as they realize they've been hilariously fooled. The brilliant execution of this prank showcases Robert's playful spirit and his ability to turn a simple snowboarding session into pure comedic gold.

So, kudos to Robert for keeping us entertained and delivering a prank that will be remembered for years to come. We can't wait to see what adventures this mischievous duo has in store next!

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"Father-toddler pond skim!😏Haters will say my last post was photoshopped but it’s not, although there may be some other playful deception involved…When you become known as the snowboard dad that’s always riding around the mountain with a toddler you get to make a life-size stunt double of your son, pull a quick bait-and-switch and drop into the pond-skim having everybody in attendance believing that you are actually going to attempt it with a toddler.The hesitant confusion and excitement was palpable and the audio in the background of the video clips I’m being sent makes it clear that most people thought I was heading into almost certain disaster with our toddler.😂Some costumes are loud and bright, others are far more subtly creative…😬No toddlers got wet in this experience and a big shout out to @whitepass for putting on such an epic and beloved event and to @js.rowland (and a couple other kind bystanders) for capturing some epic photos and videos of the shenanigans!"

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