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The Best Podcasts to Listen to NowDesign by Michael Stillwell

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It seems difficult to imagine, but there was a time not all that long ago when most of us had never heard of podcasts. Now it would be nigh-impossible for most of us to get through a week (or perhaps even a day) without popping on one of our favorite audio shows for a dose of news, humor, heartbreak, or esoterica. Seeing as podcasts are now every bit as much a part of our lives as our favorite music and TV shows, its only natural that we've got strong opinions on them—and are constantly on the prowl for something new. No matter what your flavor of choice—thought-provoking perspectives, juicy gossip, fascinating facts—there are plenty of options to choose from. Here, we've rounded up some must-listen new entries and ongoing favorites alike that Town & Country editors are obsessed with now.

Royally Obsessed


This all-time T&C editor favorite podcast gives us the scoop on what’s happening in the British royal family in an insightful and hilarious way. From details on every single Meghan or Kate appearance to a dedicated appreciation of the royal kids, and of course, plenty of scoop on the coronation, this is the perfect podcast for those looking for a weekly update on their favorite royals.

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Articles of Interest


Avery Trufelman's interrogation on the world of fashion remains endlessly enthralling. From its can't-stop-listening 7-episode deep dive on the evolution of preppy style, to the hidden history of the ballet pointe shoe, to our obsession with the closet from Clueless and how the mannequin's get dressed for the Met Gala, the podcast constantly reveals fascinating and relevant stories about the wearable world that we may have taken for granted.

articles of interest

If Books Could Kill


Michael Hobbes (Maintenance Phase, You're Wrong About) returns with another highly bingeable podcast. In this one, Hobbes and co-host Peter Shamshiri (5-4) focuses on society and culture through the lens of so-called "airport books"—best-sellers like Freakonomics, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and The Secret—specifically what those books get wrong, and what we, as readers, get wrong by obsessing over them.

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If Books Could Kill

Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Podcasts aren't kid-stuff. With a host like Emmy-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you can expect things to get funny, but there's far more to this poignant, informative podcast than jokes. In it, Louis-Dreyfus sits down with spectacular older women like Jane Fonda, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Allende, and Ruth Reichl to talk about life lessons.

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Next Year in Moscow

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The Economist has developed a knack for taking what could be a dry "International affairs" story and finding the humanity in it. Case in point, their latest 7 part series which focuses on Russia, particularly through the lens of now ex-pat Russians who left the country behind following the start of the war in Ukraine, using it to examine life in exile as well as how their stories reveal how Russia got to where it is today.

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The Economist

Normal Gossip


The world is full of celebrity gossip, but the juiciest stories aren't reserved for the A-list. In this show, listeners anonymously submit the most jaw-dropping, hilarious, and scandalous drama from their real lives for us all to pour over with vicarious glee.

normal gossip



You don't have to be a royal fan to appreciate Meghan Markle's first foray into the podcast world (though there's plenty to enjoy here if you are.) In fact, her show, which will return for a second season, is all about women, specifically "the labels that try to hold women back." In it Meghan shares conversations with the likes of Serena Williams, Mindy Kaling, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton on life, business, race, and creativity, sharing her own thoughts and moments from real life along the way.

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Unreformed: the Story of the Alabama Industrial School for Negro Children

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Examinations of abusive children's institutions has become a tragic subgenre in recent years—see: Kuper Island—and while the stories never get easier, they also never get less important. In this series, host Josie Duffy Rice delves into the history of a state-run reform school for Black youth in Alabama, which forced children to live in horrific conditions that some former students have referred to as a "slave camp", well into the late 20th century, as well as the escaped students who finally brought the institution to light, and how the school's effects still ripple through the community in the modern day.

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Planet Money


NPR's beloved econ podcast manages to create a perfect blend of education and entertainment, truly making good on its promise of “the economy, explained," by delving into everything from inflation to cryptocurrency to current world events with stories that are surprisingly humanizing and relatable, to remind us all of the ways the economy both impacts and reflects our society.

planet money
National Public Radio

A Thing or Two with Claire and Erica


Every week, this fast-talking duo extol their latest and greatest discoveries from tips on modern motherhood to the perfect airplane snack to Instagram-worthy earrings. Their on-point recommendations are complemented by interviews with the entrepreneurs you’re about to hear about everywhere.

a thing or two
Dear Media

Ologies with Alie Ward

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While the concept of hour-plus conversations with scientists about their fields may not sound like the most exciting podcast theme, this fascinating, often hilarious entry is anything but boring. That's thanks in large part to host Alie Ward, whose humor is matched by her genuine excitement to learn about her subjects, which range from the more obvious "ologies" like geology and meteorology to sciences you didn't even know existed like chickenology (yes, the study of chickens) and zymology (the science of fermentation.)

Note: While Ward's style leans decidedly adult, the show also produces "cleaned up" kid-friendly versions called Smologies for little science lovers.

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Alie Ward



This long-running podcast covers practically every topic under the sun, making it a great listen for those who like to mix things up. Whether it's the science of how horseshoe crab blood revolutionized the medical industry, the story of how voice actor Mel Blanc may have been saved by his most famous character, Bugs Bunny, or and exploration of why we were all so worried about quicksand as kids, there's always something fascinating, thought-provoking, and often hilarious to be found on Radiolab.

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Maintenance Phase


Not your average wellness podcast, this show, hosted by Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes drops knowledge on all things wellness, from the dangers of anti-fat bias and our collective fixation "getting our steps in", as well as the ephemera like fad diets, where the keto diet came from, and that moment in the '90s when we were all obsessed with Snackwell cookies.

maintenance phase
Maintenance Phase

Decoder Ring


Pop culture is full of mysteries: where did the concept of the thooth fairy come from? When did we all get obsessed with hydration? What was the deal with the viral sensation #TheDress? This podcast is aimed at answering all of those questions and more with an approachably snarky attitude that feels like chatting with a shockingly culture-savvy friend.

decoder ring

99% Invisible


Design-minded fans, take note: this podcast, which investigates the ways design and architecture plays into our everyday lives, will make you aware of the world around you in ways you've never been before. Topics range from how the invention of the multiplex changed the film industry, the ways that city planning influenced urban squirrel populations, and how one Goodnight Moon-hating librarian created children's sections as we know them—all told in the dulcet tones of host Roman Mars.

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How to Be Human


"How to Be Human has been an essential listen for me since it launched in 2021. Each week I tune in to listen Anna Toonk chat about the feelings and experiences that make us who we are—everything from explorations of forgiveness and resentment, to lively chats about the subconscious. I always walk away with a new perspective and questions to ask that better shape my understanding of myself and the people around me—and better still, the conversations are so wonderful I truly feel like I'm with friends when I tune in."—Roxanne Adamiyatt, Deputy Digital Lifestyle Director

how to be human
Anna Toonk

Trashy Divorces


If you live for a bit of celebrity romance gossip, this podcast is the stuff dreams are made of. Together, hosts Stacie and Alicia delve into the not so tidy relationships, makeups, and breakups of famous couples. From Elizabeth Taylor's many divorces, to the loves (and lusts) of King Henry VIII, to modern obsessions like the couples of RHONY and, of course, Bennifer this show is sure to sate your schadenfreude appetite.

trashy divorces
hemlock creatives



Twice a week, tech journalist Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway share their insights on the latest tech, business, and political news. Come for the sharp, incisive analysis, stay for the banter.

pivot podcast

Science Vs


In a world where information is constantly at our fingertips, it seems like things should be easier to understand, but when the waters get muddy, you can always count on the Science Vs team to show up with the data on everything from whether pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs to how to beat a hangover.

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