The Best Organic Baby Formulas for Fussy Eaters, Sensitive Tummies & More

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The nutrition decisions you make for your baby will impact their growth and development right now and for years to come. Needless to say, choosing the best baby formula is kind of a big deal. Many parents opt for organic baby formula for many of the same reasons you might opt for organic groceries: organic formula tends to be free of toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients, plus it usually comes from animals that are raised without hormones and antibiotics.

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Best Organic Baby Formulas at a Glance

Best First Infant Formula: Holle Organic Infant Formula, $27
Best Ready-to-Feed Formula: Similac Organics Infant Formula, $63 for 48 bottles (originally $70)
Best Plant-Based Formula: Baby’s Only Organic Plant Based Pea Protein Toddler Drink, $21
Best Follow On Formula: Loewenzahn Organics Follow On Milk (6 Months+), $15
Best Toddler Formula: Serenity Kids A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula, $56
Best Cow’s Milk Formula: Kendamil Organic Infant Formula Powder, $40
Best Goat’s Milk Formula: Bubs Australian Goat Milk Formula, $41
Best for Gassy & Colicky Babies: Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant Formula with Iron, $31
Best for Sensitive Stomachs: Bobbie Organic Gentle Infant Formula, $28 for two cans (originally $56)
Best for Acid Reflux: HiPP AR (Anti-Reflux) Formula, $40
Best Award-Winning Formula: By Heart Whole Nutrition Formula, $42

Different Types of Formulas, Explained

Baby formula comes in various forms, from animal-based to plant-based, and is typically classified by age and stage. You can find organic baby formula within all of the categories broken down below.

Age and Stage

Stage 1: This is starter formula, often called first infant formula, for babies from birth to six months.

Stage 2: Babies can transition into follow on formula at the age of six months.

Toddler formula: From one year of age, toddlers graduate to this big-kid formula.


Cow’s milk formula: This is the most common type of formula, made with cow’s milk and containing lactose.

Goat’s milk formula: For babies with sensitivities to cow’s milk and lactose, goat milk formula is a popular choice.

Plant-based baby formula: Baby formula made without animal protein isn’t as popular, but it exists and usually contains plant-based proteins made from soy or pea. Consult your doctor before feeding your baby a vegan formula exclusively or as a supplement.

Specialized baby formula: Some baby formulas contain or omit certain ingredients based on sensitivities and intolerances, like colic and acid reflux.

Baby formula most commonly comes in powder form, which you can mix with water, but you can sometimes find ready-to-feed organic baby formulas. These require no mixing.

What to Look for in Organic Baby Formula, According to a Pediatrician

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends breastfeeding as the preferred source of infant nutrition in the first six months, if possible (due to the nutrients being more easily absorbed by Baby) . Of course, new parents might choose the baby formula route for reasons ranging from health to lifestyle — or as a supplement to breast milk. And that is totally okay. There are so many excellent baby formula formulations these days to choose from to ensure Baby is getting all the nutrients he or she needs in their formative months.

“I recommend that families choose a formula that is FDA-approved here in the United States as these formulas undergo rigorous review to ensure that they meet the standard requirements for infant growth and development,” says pediatrician Dr. Tiffany Kimbrough to SheKnows.

As for what to look for on the labels of organic baby formulas, they include things like:

  • No GMOs

  • No corn syrup or other sweeteners

  • No artificial flavors

  • No industrial seed oils

  • No hormones

  • No antibiotics

  • No gluten

Look for organic baby formula that does contain:

  • Iron

  • Vitamin D

  • DHA and ARA

  • Prebiotics and probiotics

Is Organic Formula Better for Baby?

The answer to whether or not organic formula is better is largely based on your perspective as a parent. Professionals seem to agree that the difference between regular and organic baby formula is negligible enough that they wouldn’t necessarily recommend one over the other.

“As long as the formulas, organic or regular, are sold in the U.S. there is no difference from a nutritional perspective in supplying the infant with the right type and amount of nutrients as they all must meet the requirements of the 1980 Infant Formula Act amended in 1986 and associated regulations, and facilities undergo annual inspections by the U.S. FDA,” says pediatrician Dr. George J. Fuchs III to SheKnows.

Aside from the nutritional benefits, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Texas at Austin Dr. Steven A. Abrams says this about the cleanliness of organic baby formula: “Generally speaking milk and infant formulas are likely to have relatively little pesticides in them due to the way they are produced, and my view is that they would be lower priority for likely having a benefit specific to organic. There would not likely be any differences in other types of contaminants.”

That being said, parents in the reviews have shown up in droves to sing the praises of the organic baby formulas listed below, claiming that some of these formulas have satiated even the fussiest eaters. Below are 11 of the best organic baby formulas on the market.

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11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Holle Organic Infant Formula PRE


Buy Now

Holle Organic Infant Formula, sold on Organic Baby Food, makes different kinds of baby formulas for newborns to six month-old infants, so this cow’s milk formula is the perfect place to start with your little one. The German brand abides by the worldwide Demeter certification system, which ensures that its baby formula is certified organic and produced via biodynamic methods, which are top-level organic farming standards. The brand’s formula is modeled after breast milk for easy absorption and made with slow-digesting carbs to keep tiny tummies full longer. You won’t find any GMOs, gluten, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives or anything icky in Holle formulas. Just creamy, milky goodness.

“When our child was having a tough time adjusting to North American formula, this formula was recommended to us by a friend who went through issues with her child. This was a game changer, as my baby went from throwing up at most feedings to normal digestion,” wrote a shopper.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Loewenzahn Organics Follow On Milk 6+

Buy Now $15

Many of the highest-quality organic baby formulas come from Germany, and Loewenzahn Organics is undoubtedly chief among them. Its Follow On Milk is designed to fill up babies six months and older who have graduated from infant formula. Like all of its creamy formulas, this one is held to stringent European standards. It’s fortified with brain-nourishing DHA made from omega-3 derived from algae (not fish) and is Halal-certified. You want find any of the bad stuff here, including no genetic engineering.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Serenity Kids, A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula

Buy Now On Amazon $35.99

Serenity Kids A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula, for babes ages 12 months and up, is an easy-to-digest, wholesome powder formula made with organic lactose, vitamins, probiotics and more yummy goodness, but zero of the bad stuff, including no grains and no synthetic folic acid. Serenity Kids was founded by a mom who teamed up with a biophysicist to make an organic baby formula that was the next best thing to breast milk.

“My little girl had zero issues switching from breast milk to this formula. I was so thankful to not have to do with any fussiness, gas, or crazy poops,” wrote a customer.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Kendamil Organic Infant Formula Powder


Buy Now

This top-rated organic infant formula by Kendamil is great for babies in their first year who can tolerate cow’s milk, the most popular kind of baby formula. This powder-based formula is made with organic whole milk that’s been certified by the European Union Organic Certification and the UK Soil Association, which are some of the gold standards for baby formula worldwide. There’s not a trace of GMOs, pesticides or herbicides to be found in this formula, and there are even sky-high standards held for the welfare of the cows and goats used to make Kendamil formulas. This product even has DHA and ARA to support healthy brain and eye development.

“This formula was the perfect transition milk for my egg allergy/eczema prone, colicky baby! So thankful they have this formula easily available in Target now,” wrote a parent.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Aussie Bubs Australian Goat Milk-Based Toddler Formula

Buy Now $41

If your kid can’t tolerate cow’s milk, they’re not alone. This is a pretty popular allergy for babies, and a viable alternative is goat’s milk formula. Bubs Australian Goat Milk formula is available for babies of all ages, from newborn to three years old. The goat milk comes straight from high-quality farms and has A2 Goat Protein, which sensitive stomachs can break down more easily than cow protein. Like all the organic baby formulas featured here, this one omits GMOs, artificial flavors, preservatives and more, so it’s clean and pure. Bubs was founded by an Australian mom of three.

“We’ve given this to our daughter since she was one month old and she has done amazingly well with it. Absolutely no stomach upset or skin issues. And its incredibly easy to mix. This is a ‘European quality’ formula available on amazon. its a no-brainer for us,” wrote a customer.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Earth's Best Organic Gentle Infant Formula with Iron

Buy Now $31

For gassy, colicky babies, there’s Earth’s Best Organic Gentle Infant Formula fortified with iron. It’s easy for small systems to digest, so you can help your little one ward off long nights of crying and discomfort. This grass-fed cow’s milk formula is not only certified organic, but it’s also kosher.

“My baby boy couldn’t tolerate any other formula and this one has always been the best. Sleeps like a champ!” wrote a reviewer.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Bobbie Organic Gentle Infant Formula (2-Can Pack)

$28 $56 50% off

Buy Now

“A formula so clean, we won awards for it,” is how Bobbie — a mom-founded company — markets its products, which include this grass-fed Organic Gentle Infant Formula for sensitive stomachs and fussy feeders. This baby formula meets both USDA and EU Organic tolerance standards, and is made with 100 percent lactose carbohydrates, meaning there are no corn syrups or sugars snuck in there. Not only is Bobbie formula a top choice for new moms and dads, but you can also have cans of formula delivered to your door on a subscription basis, allowing you to cross one more thing off of your growing new-parent to-do list.

“We’ve been using Bobbie since month two to supplement with breast milk. Our baby has never had a negative reaction and drinks up her bottles to the last drip!” wrote a happy parent.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

HiPP AR (Anti-Reflux) Baby Formula

Buy Now $40

HiPP is another respected organic baby formula brand with European roots — and European standards. Its Anti-Reflux formula, sold on Organic Baby Food is designed to soothe the digestive systems of babies from birth to a year, and it’s 100 percent clean and natural. Omega-3, Omega-6 DHA, prebiotics and probiotics make this baby formula a boon for hungry littles.

“We have tried so many formulas and this is the first one that we actually noticed a difference in less spitting up. So happy we found it!” wrote a satisfied customer.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Baby's Only Organic Plant Based Pea Protein Toddler Drink

Buy Now $21

If you’re looking for a plant-based lactose alternative — preferably after the age of one or as a supplement to breast milk or formula (but always consult your doctor before switching your toddler to a vegan formula) — look to the popular Baby’s Only brand, which makes this organic baby formula from pea protein, a high-quality vegan protein that’s rich in iron. Baby’s Only Organic Plant Based Pea Protein Toddler Drink has all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff — and no worries, there’s plenty of vitamin D packed in despite its lack of animal milk. This formula has earned the USDA Organic Seal and Clean Label Purity Award.

“I’ve been feeding this protein to my new born baby in combination with breast-milk and we love it,” wrote a parent who added that the baby is “calm, never fussy, sleeps a lot, and is growing strong.”

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

By Heart Whole Nutrition Infant Formula

Buy Now $42

By Heart takes its organic qualifications so seriously that the brand has won awards for its Whole Nutrition Formula. The GMO-free grass-fed milk formula is the recipient of the Clean Label Project Purity Award and a Clean Label that certifies it’s pesticide-free. It omits so many icky ingredients that we didn’t even know to look out for them — things like palm oil and sugar substitutes, for instance, are nowhere to be found in this formulation. By Heart is some of the closest formula to breast milk you’ll find.

11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024
11 Best Organic Baby Formulas, Pediatrician-Approved 2024

Similac Organic Infant Formula with Iron (48 Bottles)

$63 $70 10% off

Buy Now

While powder is the most popular kind of organic baby formula on the market, it’s possible to find a great formula in ready-to-feed bottles. Similac makes this Organic Infant Formula, fortified with iron, that’s made to mimic breast milk and has vitamins, nutrients, DHA and organic lactose but none of the GMOs, hormones, palm oil or any of the chemicals you’re trying to avoid.

“These saved my wife and I so many times while on the go! Easily fit in diaper bag, daughter loved them and a nipple fit right on it,” wrote a parent.

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Tiffany N. Kimbrough, MD: Pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Richmond, VCU
George J. Fuchs III, MD: Pediatrician, Professor in Pediatrics at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine

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