The Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats Will Help You Keep Your Posture Throughout Even the Sweatiest Sessions

Buying a new yoga mat is always a gamble — only time can tell if your mat will hold up to different exercises. After all, there’s nothing worse than being in your Downward Dog zone and having your hands and feet sliding all over the place. When you start to sweat, things only get more slippery, and depending on what pose you’re in, it can get dangerous — you definitely don’t want to lose your balance at the wrong moment.

If you want a more successful (and grippy) session, you’ll need to look for high-quality materials that can offer more traction, such as cork, which is also an eco-friendly choice. The best non-slip yoga mats come in all thickness levels — a more substantial one will protect your joints, while a thinner version will be more appropriate for situations where you need it to be compact, like travel.

No non-slip yoga mat is the same — each offers a different benefit, and the key is finding one that directly benefits your needs. We searched the web high and low to uncover the top non-slip yoga mats available for every kind of yogi — find yours below.

1. Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat


Seasoned yogis and beginners alike all find that Manduka is the reigning champ of sustainable nonslip yoga mats. However, they have such a range of mats, it can feel impossible to narrow down which option to go with. This biodegradable mat is the optimal length, featuring superb quality and grip. An Amazon reviewer expands, “Although these mats are expensive, they’re totally worth the investment. I always feel stable when I get on this mat. My hands and feet do not slide, especially when I am flowing hard and sweating.”

Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat
Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat

Buy: Manduka eKOlite Yoga Mat $80.00

2. Lululemon Reversible Textured Mat 5mm


Texture is your friend when it comes to finding a non-slip yoga mat that actually stays still. This 5mm option from Lululemon does one better by being reversible. Some mats sacrifice cushion for grip, but your joints can rest easy knowing that all 5mm will be there to absorb impact. While the top layer is designed to absorb sweat, the natural rubber base is better for a low-sweat workout sesh. Although we recommend wiping it down after every practice, an antimicrobial additive ensures that mildew and mold won’t penetrate the surface.

The Reversible Mat 5mm Textured
The Reversible Mat 5mm Textured

Buy: Lululemon Reversible Textured Mat 5mm $88.00

3. Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat


Cork is one of the best choices for a non-slip yoga mat — it never gets greasy and is unrivaled in its grip — even during a Bikram session where you’re completely soaked. Still, tough as it is, it has a luxuriously soft surface. Another perk of the environmentally-friendly material is that it’s suitable for sensitive skin and never curls up, unlike rubber and other materials. This extra-thick Body By Yoga cork mat has built-on pose alignment lines and is suitable for tall yogis.

Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat
Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat

Buy: Body by Yoga Luxury Cork Yoga Mat $89.99

4. TOPLUS Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat


Don’t have a ton to shell out on a mat? That’s doesn’t mean you have to cheap out on a less-than-ideal option. This non-slip yoga mat is 1/4″ thick and comes with its own carrying strap. The surface features a ribbed anti-skid and tear-proof design that will hold up on all kinds of surfaces. A shopper notes that the surface feels smooth on bare skin but still prevents slippage due to sweaty hands and feet. Plus, the carrying strap can double as a yoga strap.

TOPLUS Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat
TOPLUS Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat

Buy: TOPLUS Classic Non Slip Yoga Mat $26.99

5. Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat


The biodegradable Jade Harmony Professional mat is a must if decreasing your carbon footprint is a priority. It’s made from renewable natural rubber (which also has an excellent natural resistance to slipping) and doesn’t contain any ozone-depleting materials. This mat offers a firm bounce and is scratch-proof. Jade also plants a tree with each purchase, and each mat is shipped with minimal packaging. Just make sure to avoid keeping it in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat
Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat

Buy: Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat $79.95

6. Gruper Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mat


Let’s admit it — buying a mat is much easier for average-sized folk than it is for those who are a little bit taller than the rest of the population. Length isn’t just a concern — in poses where knees or arms are set off to the side, it’s important that your mat is wide enough to provide cushiony support. Gruper’s thick, non-slip yoga mat is both longer and wider than average, making this a great option for those who are on the taller side.

Gruper Thick Non Slip Yoga Mat
Gruper Thick Non Slip Yoga Mat

Buy: Gruper Thick Non Slip Yoga Mat $38.99

7. Hatha Yoga Extra Thick Yoga Mat


If you have sensitive joints or chronic pain, you may need a little more cushioning for your workout. In that case, turn to this moisture-resistant mat, which has 12mm of shock-absorbing, cushiony goodness. You’ll feel like you’re exercising on a cloud. It’s made from a highly elastic and dense material called TPE that uses the latest non-slip tech, creating an experience that’ll make your spines, elbows, hips and knees a lot happier. It’ll also work to prevent future injuries.

Hatha Yoga Extra Thick Yoga Mat
Hatha Yoga Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Buy: Hatha Yoga Extra Thick Yoga Mat $58.88

8. Heathyoga Body Alignment System Yoga Mat


Staying aligned on your non-slip yoga mat is easier said than done. Sometimes, even professional yogis could use a little help. Heathyoga made one with a built-in body alignment surface that’s easy to read and keeps your body in proper alignment, as well as letting you place hands and feet in the right place. Combined with the textured surface, you’ll never skid, and you’ll always be aligned, which means less pain and more focus. One user attests to the stickiness, saying, “I stuck to their mat like Spider-Man sticks to walls!”

Heathyoga Body Alignment System Yoga Mat
Heathyoga Body Alignment System Yoga Mat

Buy: Heathyoga Body Alignment System Yoga Mat $34.95

9. Yoga Zeal Eco Printed Yoga Mats


Looking to infuse your workout practice with a little style or stand out from the crowd in class? Yoga Zeal has dozens of options like abstract, tropical, and nature-inspired patterns, as well as a moon phase print that’s one of their bestsellers. It has a rich color but won’t bleed ink or fade. As for the non-slip factor, one buyer even says they don’t have to use a mat towel anymore. According to the brand, you can even run it through the washing machine on delicate with cold water.

Yoga Zeal Eco Printed Yoga Mats
Yoga Zeal Eco Printed Yoga Mats

Buy: Yoga Zeal Eco Printed Yoga Mats $79.00

10. Giam Golding Yoga Mat


Even if it comes with a carrying strap or bag, toting around a non-slip yoga mat isn’t exactly convenient. That’s why we love this genius folding option from Gaiam, which has creases pressed in, ensuring the mat sits flat and doesn’t pop out of its folded shape. It has a sticky texture for stable moves on the go and works well on carpet. It doesn’t offer the thickness of bulkier alternatives, so if you have joint issues, consider pairing with a towel.

Giam Golding Yoga Mat
Giam Golding Yoga Mat

Buy: Giam Golding Yoga Mat $19.99

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