The Best Memes From 'Survivor: Winners at War'

Temi Adebowale
Photo credit: Timothy Kuratek
Photo credit: Timothy Kuratek

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Survivor's all-winners season went from being a fan dream, to a highly debated rumor, to a legendary reality. Seeing the greats like Parvati, Boston Rob, and Sandra go up against the newer players like Sophie, Adam, and Sarah will be exciting every single week, and the season's first episode already featured two blindsides, surprising alliances, and a number of funny moments.

Fans expressed their excitement online with a bunch of funny tweets, and this collection of photos, videos, and gifs perfectly capture the vibe of the seasonโ€”frenetic, unexpected, and a reminder of why we all love the hit CBS show so much. So without further ado, here are the funniest memes from this season of Survivor: Winners at War.

Tony is now the king to Sandra's queen:

And his bond with Sarah was one of the best parts of the season:

Natalie got some well deserved redemption when she came back from the Edge of Extinction:

While Ben continued to divide fans:

Jeremy's elimination was a hard one for fans to accept:

But his earlier decision to use his advantage to leave tribal? Definitely the right move:

Adam's elimination gave us tons of funny moments:

While Denise's move on Sandra had fans calling her a legend:

But fans missed both her and Parvati:

Episode five saw Boston Rob get voted out, and fans were not okay.

But other viewers were happy to see him go.

Wendell and Michele? Talk about a plot twist.

Danni's paranoia got her voted out and fans are not okay:

Boston Rob definitely showed why they call him the Robfather on episode two.

But the way Denise hid her idol at tribal? Amazing.

We even forgive her for that potential idol misstep:

Speaking of which, there were a whole lot of idols this episode:

Rob & Denise on that puzzle...yikes:

Boston Rob initially didn't know that Sandra led the charge to vote out Amber:

Ben is being...Ben:

Everyone loves Yul, and for good reason:

Parvati's alliance with Boston Rob was a dream come true for viewers:

And #ParvatiHive was in full effect online:

And while fans wee sad about Natalie's shocking elimination, they also knew it meant Jeremy would try to avenge her like she did for him on San Juan del Sur:

Viewers knew Rob would be upset when he sees that Amber was voted out:

And Sandra vs. Boston Rob was a legendary match up:

But viewers are annoyed that two women were the first boots:

However, the season is clearly one of Survivor's best, and fans had to take a moment to reflect on how momentous it was:

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