The Best Lace Ribbon for Adding a Delicate Touch to Your Crafts

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Useful for everything from table decorations to clothing trimming to collage, lace ribbon is a must-have in any crafter’s supplies drawer. Originally made of linen, silk, gold, or silver thread, lace is now usually made of cotton or synthetic fibers. Many types of lace are also mass-produced today, though specialized artisans still make it by hand. Available in many patterns, widths, materials, and colors, there’s plenty to choose from. Browse our selection of the best lace below.

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1. ATRibbons Floral Pattern Lace

This business’ products showcase beautiful, intricately cut patterns. Though made of polyester, their lace ribbons are soft to the touch, easy to sew, and hold up well to washing. The delicate fabric is also well priced. You can purchase it in traditional white and black.

Buy: ATRibbons Floral Pattern Lace

2. Whaline White Lace Trim

If you’re on the hunt for lots of white lace, consider this economical option, which delivers 15 rolls of lace in different patterns. Each one is made of lightweight polyester and won’t shred or fray after being cut to length. Suitable for sewing, card making, floral arrangements, and jewelry design, this pack of lace ribbons has you covered for multiple projects. Each roll features 3.3 yards of fabric, and you get a variety of widths.

Buy: Whaline White Lace Trim

3. StayMax Lace Ribbon

Who says lace has to be subtle? Jazz up your projects with pops of color by choosing this option, which comes with 20 rolls of lace in 20 colors. The palette includes neutrals like white, cream, black, and beige, but also orange, turquoise, bright green, and pink. Made of polyester, the lace features one scalloped edge and one straight edge. Each roll has 10 yards of ribbon measuring 0.88 inches wide—perfect for trims.

Buy: StayMax Lace Ribbon

4. Pizzitaliani Lace

This Italian company has been producing lace since 1953. Though expensive, its lace is utterly distinct, each pattern showcasing a delightful combination of webs and weaves, often with delicate, dynamic edges. Each is made of super-soft but resilient cotton available in white, ecru, and even pastels. You can purchase both trims and larger pieces.

Buy: Pizzitaliani Lace

5. Radley Floral Lace Ribbon

This lace is made of 95 percent nylon and five percent spandex, which means it’s slightly elastic—perfect for stretching over surfaces, whether straight or curved. The material is strong and quite soft rather than itchy. It’s available in individual rolls of three different patterns, including variations with scalloped edges, but you can also pick up a bulk pack with 10 patterns. Each is a clean white color.

Buy: Radley Floral Lace Ribbon