The Best New Items That Are Hitting Trader Joe’s Shelves This Spring

Exterior of Trader Joe's store
Exterior of Trader Joe's store

Get psyched, Trader Joe’s fans: the grocery favorite has just announced some brand-new products for spring that are sure to tantalize your tastebuds!

Included in the drop are new spins on old favorites, like Joe-Joe’s Cookies, delectable cheese, and a Funfetti-style cake mix that shoppers have long been clamoring for. Read on for all the details.

Coffee and Dark Chocolate Joe-Joe's Cookies

According to the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, which teased these new springtime products for listeners, this twist on Trader Joe's classic Joe-Joe's Cookies (think a TJ's-specific spin on Oreos) will be filled with cream, coasted with dark chocolate, and drizzled with a coffee-flavored vanilla glaze. Matt Sloan, Trader Joe's vice president of marketing and the podcast's co-host, said on the episode "This is probably as much a piece of candy as it is a cookie. I actually think of this as the cookie form of an expertly pulled long shot of espresso." Sounds delicious!

Mini Almost Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers

Playing off of Trader Joe's insanely popular Almost Everything Bagel Seasoning, these sandwich-style snackers feature two bite-sized, bagel-shaped, Almost Everything-seasoned crackers with a cream cheese filling in between. "It's kind of like a crunchy mini bagel with cream cheese," said Trader Joe's marketing director and Inside Trader Joe's podcast co-host Tara Muller. She added that the snack is "savory, [with] like just the tiniest bit of sweetness that's in the cream cheese filling. They're just very, very, very cute."

Chromatic Celebration Cake and Baking Mix

Trader Joe's devotees have long been clamoring for a Funfetti-style cake mix from the grocery brand, and finally, their wishes have been answered with the Chromatic Celebration Cake and Baking Mix! The mix is perfect for cake, cupcakes, and more, with a swirl of rainbow sprinkles and the addition of only added eggs, oil, or butter (plus baking, of course). Along with the sprinkles included within the mix, there's an added sprinkle packet that you can choose to add to mix or use to decorate your finished creation. Mmm, my stomach's rumbling already.

Vanilla Cardona Goat's Milk Cheese

Who doesn't love Trader Joe's cheese? The grocery chain is particularly known for its excellent selection of delicious cheeses, like its blockbuster Unexpected Cheddar—and their upcoming Vanilla Cardona Goat's Milk Cheese is promising to be a new favorite on the block. This sweet and savory selection comes straight from Wisconsin, and unlike many goat's milk cheeses, has a hard texture and makes a lovely topper for a cracker or as part of a charcuterie board.

"It doesn't have a lot of that sometimes called barnyard-y, goaty quality, very subtle flavor-wise, and it's rubbed with a vanilla sugar. And while that might make you think that it's really, really sweet, it's not. It's sweet-ish," said Sloan on the podcast.

These aren't the only scrumptious-sounding options coming to Trader Joe's this spring, but as just a little taste of what's to come—well, it seems like there's a lot to be excited about!