The 6 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies (2021 Guide)

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Finding the right homeowners insurance coverage is a critical investment after buying your house. Whether you live in an area with more natural disasters or you're worried about your belongings being stolen, a homeowners policy can give you peace of mind and protection from the financial burden of excessive out-of-pocket expenses after unexpected events.

We researched, reviewed, rated, and compared 20 homeowners insurance providers nationwide to produce this list of the top six. You can read more about our process for scoring each company at the bottom of this article.

To give you an idea of cost, we pulled quotes from each provider on a 1,500-square-foot single-family home in Kempton, Pennsylvania. Keep in mind that actual rates will vary depending on a range of factors, including personal information, location, and property details, so we encourage you to get your own quotes and compare prices for yourself. You can use this tool or call 855-948-5219 to get free homeowners insurance quotes on your property.

Top 6 Homeowners Insurance Providers

We determined that the following providers are the best home insurance companies based on our in-depth research and review:

1. State Farm: Best for New Homeowners

2. Geico: Best Customer Service

3. Travelers: Best Deductible Options

4. Progressive: Best for Bundling

5. Lemonade: Most Accessible

6. Chubb: Best for High-Value Homes

1. State Farm: Best for New Homeowners

State Farm tops our list with a score of 97.26 and is especially ideal for new homeowners. Its website demonstrates a commitment to educate its customers about homeowners policies, what they include, and how to file a claim. The online sign-up process guides you through what you might need for your home, and you can always easily connect with a local agent if you have any questions.

State Farm Home Insurance Provider Overview

  • Yearly cost: $1,086

  • Discounts: Impact-resistant roofing and siding materials, high deductible, alarm systems, claim-free history, and bundling discounts

  • Additional coverage options: Identity theft protection, home systems and service line repairs, and personal injury liability coverage

  • States available: 50

  • BBB rating: NR

  • Our score: 97.26

2. Geico: Best Customer Service

Geico is our pick for the best homeowners insurance company for customer service. The company's customer service team is available 24/7, and its user-friendly app helps policyholders get in touch with a local agent easily whenever they need to file a claim.

Geico Home Insurance Provider Overview

  • Yearly cost: $1,035

  • Discounts: Online purchase discount, multi-policy bundling with auto insurance, home security, and fire alert system discounts

  • Additional coverage options: Mold buyback, computers, earthquake insurance, identity theft, and high-value items coverage options

  • States available: 50

  • BBB rating: A+

  • Our score: 95.75

3. Travelers: Best Deductible Options

Travelers home insurance policies give you the flexibility to alter pricing and coverage based on your precise needs. This insurer offers deductible options ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. Additionally, Travelers offers a plan that will lower your deductible by $100 for each year you keep your policy.

Travelers Home Insurance Provider Overview

  • Yearly cost: $1,083

  • Discounts: Green home, multi-policy, new homebuyer for recent purchases, and alarm system discounts

  • Additional coverage options: Replacement cash value (RCV) options, identity theft, and water backup additional coverage

  • States available: 49 (not available in Florida)

  • BBB rating: A+

  • Our score: 94.25

4. Progressive: Best for Bundling

Progressive is known for its competitive multi-policy bundling discounts, particularly with its comprehensive auto insurance policies. Homeowners that already have car insurance with Progressive can save on premiums and share a deductible on both policies with the company's same-deductible benefit.

Progressive Home Insurance Provider Overview

  • Yearly cost: $1,388

  • Discounts: Paperless billing, recent purchase, bundling, new construction or renovation, and advance payment discounts

  • Additional coverage options: Personal injury and water backup and sewage coverage

  • States available: 50

  • BBB rating: A+

  • Our score: 91.26

5. Lemonade: Most Accessible

We rated Lemonade the most accessible homeowners insurance company for its extensive communication options for customers. In addition to one of the fastest quote and sign-up tools, Lemonade also has a thorough virtual claim-filing software on its user-friendly smartphone app. As a bonus, the company has a philanthropic program that allows customers to choose a nonprofit to donate unclaimed insurance money to at the end of the year.

It takes as little as 90 seconds to enter all your information into the form and get a quote. You can visit the website to get started.

Lemonade Home Insurance Provider Overview

  • Yearly cost: $1,260

  • Discounts: Alarm systems, masonry structural frame type, gated community, and proximity to fire-fighting

Additional coverage options: Significant others (not married), swimming pools, and high value items including musical instruments and fine art

  • States available: 24 (including Washington, D.C.)

  • BBB rating: B+

  • Our score: 89.38

  • Get a quote: Visit website

6. Chubb: Best for High-Value Homes

Although Chubb's homeowners policies are more expensive than others, its included coverage is among the most comprehensive on the market, above and beyond typical standard coverage policies. We think it's the best for homeowners with high-value properties. Policies include extended replacement cost coverage, complimentary appraisals, cash settlement options, and wildfire defense services that can send firefighters to your home during a disaster.

Getting a quote from Chubb is a bit more difficult than other companies, as you have to contact an agent directly and provide various personal information to make sure your property meets the requirements. To check prices and details from other providers in your area, you can get a free quote or call 855-948-5219.

Chubb Home Insurance Provider Overview

  • Yearly cost: Varies depending on selective factors

  • Discounts: Safety devices, no mortgage, gated community, backup generator, and new or recently renovated home discounts

  • Additional coverage options: Earthquake insurance, wildfire insurance, tree removal, landscaping, and computer virus recovery

  • States available: 50

  • BBB rating: A+

  • Our score: 88.76

Verdict & Recommendation

Selecting a provider for your home insurance policy doesn't have to add to the stress of buying a new house. The most important step to your choice is comparing companies for yourself. Get quotes from insurers in your area by entering your ZIP code here or calling 855-948-5219 to start checking prices and offerings based on your details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is homeowners insurance expensive?

Each provider's quotes will vary based on your needs and your location, among other factors. We always suggest comparing companies' costs during your decision-making process to make sure you get the best price. Many of these companies also offer cheap renters insurance policies.

Does homeowners insurance cover theft?

Yes, homeowners insurance covers theft of your belongings up to the personal property limit that is listed in your policy. If you need to file a claim after a break-in, you may be required to take photographs, so make sure to connect with your provider's claim center as soon as possible.

What are other homeowners insurance providers?

There are other popular insurers that didn't make this list but still scored very well in our review, including Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Farmers, and USAA. We included the six companies in this list based on the combination of their scores and unique offerings.

How We Chose the Best Homeowners Insurance

We rated these home insurance companies on a combination of unique qualities and their performance in industry-standard categories. Here are the factors and weights that we used in our methodology:

  • Benefits, discounts, and add-ons: 17.5/100

  • Cost: 12.5/100

  • State availability: 7.5/100

  • Customer service: 15/100

  • Technology: 12.5/100

  • Overall coverage: 20/100

  • Reputation: 15/100

We performed in-depth research to conclude on each category by getting sample quotes from each insurer, discussing their offerings with an agent if necessary, and pulling information from the companies' websites and policy details in each quote.