The Best Green Screens for Photography, Videography, Live Streaming, Zoom Calls and More

Whether for photography, video calls or game streaming, having a great green screen makes your background appear more polished and professional. Traditionally a mainstay seen behind the scenes of high-budget productions and studios, green screens allow you to change the background of your photos, videos and live streams to any image or color of your choosing and are widely used when filming big-budget films.

Today’s green screens are available to the masses and can be online and in-store at many retailers. The best green screens are made of high-quality materials that provide smoothness, reflect proper lighting and reduce wrinkles. They come in a range of sizes and are easily accessible, but before selecting a green screen, it’s best to examine exactly how you and where you plan on using it. Photographers will mostly need a larger backdrop, while a streamer or Zoom meeting may require something a lot smaller.

To help you find the best of the best, we’ve narrowed down our favorite green screens for photography, videography, live streaming and more.

1. Neewer Green Screen Kit


Great for multipurpose use, this green screen kit is a must-have for anyone who dabbles in photography, videography, or anything of the like. it comes with everything you need to get started, including a 7-foot light stand, two headlight holders, four 45W CFL daylight bulbs, two 33-inch umbrellas, two 24 x 24-inch softboxes, three 6 x 9 ft backdrops in black, white, and green, six backdrop clamps, one 8.5ft x 10ft background stand support system, a carry bag for the support system and another for the lighting kit.

Neewer Green Screen Kit 
Neewer Green Screen Kit

Buy: Neewer Green Screen Kit $180.99

2. Elgato Green Screen


This large 58.27 x 70.87-inch green screen is great for photography and videography. It’s made of 100% polyester that’s wrinkle-resistant and optimized for camera Chroma keying to help you layer colors with ease. Backed with a Pneumatic X-frame that automatically locks the screen in place, the screen’s concealable design allows it to retract into its hard case with a handle for easy transportation and storage.

Elgato Green Screen
Elgato Green Screen

Buy: Elgato Green Screen $154.58

3. EMART Photography Green Screen Background


At less than $20, this easy-to-use green screen is great for any project. It measures 6 x 9 feet and is made of 100% cotton that helps absorb light and eliminate reflection. Machine washable, it has a rod pocket and four tie back clips to keep it in place as needed.

EMART 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop Background
EMART 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop Background

Buy: EMART Green Screen Background $17.99

4. Neewer Chromakey Blue-Green Collapsible Backdrop with Support Stand Kit


This reversible option makes changing your background for streaming and Zoom calls easier than ever. It’s reversible green and blue and frame by steel to hold its shape while prevents creases and wrinkles. Designed to pop open to 5 x 7 feet in seconds, it’s easy to use and comes with a support stand made of aluminum alloy for heavy-duty jobs. After use, it folds down compactly for neat storage.

Neewer 5'x7' Chromakey Blue-Green Collapsible Backdrop with Support Stand Kit
Neewer 5'x7' Chromakey Blue-Green Collapsible Backdrop with Support Stand Kit

Buy: Neewer 5’x7′ Chromakey Blue-Green Collapsible Backdrop with Support Stand Kit $79.99

5. NOVARENA Green Screen Chair Backdrop


Attach this bad boy to the back of your chair and you’re ready for anything. This 5 x 5 ft green screen can be used to stream, photograph or video conference whenever you want. You can easily keep it on the back of your chair for unexpected meetings or pack it up in the accompanying storage case while it’s not in use. The reversible design offers green on one side and white on the other for versatility. It features a strap-on design that allows it to easily hook onto the back of any chair, making it suitable for any situation.

NOVARENA Green Screen Chair Backdrop
NOVARENA Green Screen Chair Backdrop

Buy: NOVARENA Green Screen Chair Backdrop $57.00

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