The Best Goggles of 2023

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There's more to ski goggles than meets the eye. Sure, any pair of goggles will do to keep the snow and sun out of your eyes, but the best goggles do so much more. These days you can get goggles with magnetic lens-change systems that make it easy to swap out lenses on the fly when the weather suddenly turns; you can get goggles that don't even require a second lens because they automatically adapt to changing light conditions; and then there are goggles that have been designed and engineered to fit your face like a proverbial glove. Our top picks of 2023 check all of these boxes and have the power (and technology) to boost any low-vis day.

How We Test

  • Number of testers: 10

  • Number of products tested: 33

We compiled over a dozen new goggles and distributed them amongst 10 testers based in North Lake Tahoe, California. Our goggle testers came from a wide range of ski preference and background--some backcountry pursuits, others groomer devotees. Some of our testers work in the ski and outdoor industry as coaches, designers, guides, and in product marketing. They had two months to put the goggles to the test, wearing them in all weather conditions everywhere from ski resorts in California to a backcountry hut trip in British Columbia to a powder day in Utah. After thoroughly vetting each goggle in a range of light conditions, testers filled out a form where they reviewed everything from lens versatility to compatibility with a variety of helmets to the size of the field of vision. Using their feedback, we narrowed down the 33 pairs of goggles tested to these nine models that most impressed our testers during their weeks of testing.

Gear testers in Sweet Protection ski helmets
Gear testers try out new goggles and helmets during SKI and Outside’s annual gear test. (Photo: Ray J Gadd)

Reviews: The Best Ski Goggles of 2023

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