What’s the best fitness center in Macon? Here’s who you chose as the winner of our Gym Wars bracket

Over the last few weeks, we’ve asked you to vote in our Gym Wars Bracket to see which fitness center is the best in Macon.

We started with 19 gyms all across Macon. Of those 19 gyms, some were Crossfit gyms, others were health fitness centers, there were a few pilates-based gyms and we even included Atrium Health’s wellness center on the list.

Well, the votes are all tallied. After more than 2,000 votes and four rounds, we have a winner.

In the last round, it was between Pure Barre and Crossfit-AOA, so which one took the gold?

Your winner of the 2024 gym bracket is…


The gym is located at 652 3rd St. in Macon and since its opening in 2014, Crossfit-AOA has been keeping Macon, Georgia, in shape with high intensity, functional workouts.

Thomas Vity, owner of Crossfit-AOA, shared his thoughts on the big win.

“This makes me very proud. We have an amazing community and ‘gym family’ at AOA. My members are the reason we were able to win and I hope it will make more people want to come try us out,” he said.

Vity, who took over as owner in 2018, shared more about his local ties to the Macon community.

He started out at Crossfit-AOA when he was just a college student and member of the gym and now he also works as a Macon-Bibb Firefighter.

Wait, so what does the “AOA” stand for?

“AOA” means “Angle of Attack.” According to the gym’s website: “Angle of Attack is an aviation term and is defined as the angle between the chord of the airfoil and the incoming relative air flow. In order to climb, rise to new heights, you must increase your Angle of Attack.”

Crossfit-AOA is located at 652 3rd Street in Macon and membership prices start at $100. courtesy of Crossfit-AOA Facebook
Crossfit-AOA is located at 652 3rd Street in Macon and membership prices start at $100. courtesy of Crossfit-AOA Facebook

Crossfit-AOA membership prices range from $100 to $145 a month and classes are offered throughout the day with a certified coach.

“We work together as a group and everyone becomes friends,” Vity said. “We have multiple programs, from beginners to competitors, and everyone works out at the same time. No one is left behind.”

Crossfit-AOA offers special discounts for first responders, teachers, nurses, students and active duty military.

The phone number for Crossfit-AOA is 770.733.5514.

What bracket should we do next? Do you have something in mind? Email me at cmadden@mcclatchy.com

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