These Cyber Monday deals are breaking the internet! Save big on TVs, laptops, kitchen gear and more

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We scoured the Internet so you don't have to—and found the best Cyber Monday deals anywhere and everywhere. (Photo: Yahoo Life)
We scoured the Internet so you don't have to—and found the best Cyber Monday deals anywhere and everywhere. (Photo: Yahoo Life)

The pressure of Black Friday can leave even the savviest, most organized shopper addled, especially this year. Feel like you missed out? Don’t fret. It’s do-over day—Cyber Monday—when you’ll find even bigger and better deals online.

Need a new 4K TV? Something to wear other than sweats and slippers? A fresh e-reader or laptop to make this indoor-winter cozier? Check out our finds. We combed the Internet (so you don’t have to) and rounded up the best Cyber Monday deals available.

Hit the ground running with our list below. From an incredible TV down to just $88 to a popular anti-aging cream for nearly half off, we’ve got what you want: products you’ll love at prices you won’t believe. Here are the best Cyber Monday deals across the Internet. Ready, set, go.


Save half on this Sceptre 50-inch Class TV Android Smart 4K LED TV. (Photo: Walmart)
Save half on this Sceptre 50-inch Class TV Android Smart 4K LED TV. (Photo: Walmart)

The Sceptre 50-inch Class 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV is on sale for just $250—it’s 50 percent off and the lowest price on the internet right now!

The picture quality is gorgeous, thanks to a 4K Ultra HD resolution at 2160p. This impressive display brings out all the true-to-life images and motion, while it also has HDR (High Dynamic Range) settings for even brighter colors and deeper black levels (Translation: You’ll have a more immersive experience). This TV’s audio is crystal clear and well-balanced too. And Walmart reviewers can’t get enough.

“Thrilled! The picture is really nice. The speakers, wow! Not only does it sound great, but it is loud,” raved a five-star reviewer. “I tried turning it up to see how loud it would get and stopped at halfway because it was blasting (and still perfectly clear). It goes seamlessly between TV, Netflix, VUDU or a connected device like Nintendo switch without delay...This Smart TV is the best one I've bought.”

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Tablets and smartphones

Save 39 percent on this Fire HD 8 tablet. (Photo: Amazon)
Save 39 percent on this Fire HD 8 tablet. (Photo: Amazon)

On sale for $55 (was $90), the Fire HD 8 is one of Amazon’s most wallet-friendly tablets, featuring a brilliant eight-inch HD display. It also seamlessly works with Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Music, as well as hundreds of social media apps, games, and more. Trust us, you’ll be spending a lot of time watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, The Man in the High Castle and much more on this HD stunner, especially with its 10-hour battery life.

“This HD 8 boots up extremely fast. The screen movement is very smooth,” wrote a delighted tablet user. “I own an HD 10 but I like this better because the size makes it easier to hold and maneuver. It is much lighter than the 10. I had a concern about the sound quality before receiving it but the sound quality is very good. The charge time is fast and the battery holds charge for a long time. Because of all these positives I will be using this tablet over my 10 on my next trip. I really like this tablet.”

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Save 21 percent on these Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700. (Photo: Amazon)
Save 21 percent on these Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700. (Photo: Amazon)

For Cyber Monday, these Bose 700 noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones are on sale for just $299—the lowest price we’ve ever seen on these top-rated headphones. That means a whopping $80 off the original price, or an unprecedented discount of 21 percent off.

These headphones are a true game changer. Crank up your favorite tunes and enjoy rich, multi-layered sound without bothering other people. If you happen to need peace and quiet instead, especially if you’re working from home, these headphones will silence the noise around you.

“These headphones specialize in noise-cancellation, which I must say makes you seem like a superhero,” added satisfied Amazon shopper. “You can block out almost all noise with music playing. I can't hear anything in a noisy kitchen with smoothie blenders running. However, the sound signature is uniform. The highs, mids and lows shine at the same wavelength. No, these don't have thumping bass, but just enough bass so it doesn't cover up vocals. Vocals are very clear.”

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Save 31 percent on these Apple AirPods. (Photo: Amazon)
Save 31 percent on these Apple AirPods. (Photo: Amazon)

With the phenomenal sound you’d expect from Apple, the best bargain on the AirPod menu is the standard Apple AirPods with charging case—now just $110 for Cyber Monday at Amazon. That’s $49 off the original price! While the buds are wireless themselves, you need to plug in the case to charge them.

Once juiced, these buds instantly pair with your iPhone. No scrolling, no fiddling with settings. You’re good to go. And you can expect a whopping five hours of battery life per charge. And shoppers love their ease of use and Siri voice assistant controls.

“Great for walking due to Siri based controls,” wrote a delighted five-star reviewer. “Siri also lets me look up unfamiliar words while listening to audiobooks, which I love. Only earbuds I’ve ever found that stay in my ears, yet so light and comfortable that I forget I have them in...very, very good and reliable product, pairs perfectly every time with no dropped signal, really excellently designed all the way around.”

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Work from home

Save $200 on this HP Envy 15 hybrid laptop and tablet. (Photo: Walmart)
Save $200 on this HP Envy 15 hybrid laptop and tablet. (Photo: Walmart)

On sale for $599 (was $799), this sleek and stylish HP Envy 15 laptop has a 15.6-inch Full HD LCD display a 1080p, runs Windows 10, and features a comfortable keyboard and a spacious trackpad for quick and easy navigation. This machine is a hybrid, so it works like a traditional laptop, but can also flip around to be used as a Windows 10 tablet. It’s also paired with 8GB of memory and 256GB of on-board storage out-of-the-box, while this laptop also has up to 8.5 hours of battery life per charge to get you through a work day at home.

“Sleek, light and slim were my first impressions of the HP Envy 15,” shared a delighted Walmart shopper. “I'm in love with the versatility of this powerful laptop! A breeze to set up, I was on the Internet in no time. Virtual Assistant Cortana guides you verbally thru each step. My previous HP laptop files transferred over to my new HP Envy immediately with no problem.”

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Smart home

Save 30 percent on this Ring Video Doorbell 3. (Photo: Amazon)
Save 30 percent on this Ring Video Doorbell 3. (Photo: Amazon)

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is one of the best smart doorbells out there, thanks to its live HD video feed, top-of-the-line motion detector and seamless syncing with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. And right now, you can get it for $140, or $60 off at Amazon.

Although it looks like one, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 isn’t a regular doorbell at all. It’s a smart doorbell that can provide you with a 24/7 HD video stream with a wide field of view of all the activity that’s going on around your home. Simply sync the device with your smartphone, tablet or laptop via the Ring app, so you can always keep an eye on your home—even if you’re away at work, on vacation or running an errand

“I am really happy with this purchase and feel more secure,” shares a satisfied Amazon shopper. “I love seeing what else is going on in the neighborhood—porch thieves, people rummaging through unlocked cars, even one car theft, bobcats and mountain lions wandering through people's yard at night.”

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Save $150 on this Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100. (Photo: Walmart)
Save $150 on this Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100. (Photo: Walmart)

On sale for $199 (was $394), the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum R100 is designed to tackle all sorts of household surfaces, unlike other devices that just suck up dirt and grime and ‘get stuck’ against a wall or under furniture. We consider it the jack-of-all-trades of floor cleaning.

This smart little guy uses a navigation system to map your home’s floor landscape, so it doesn’t bump into walls, scratch up furniture or plummet down stairs. With up to 60 minutes of battery life per charge, it can sweep up your hardwood floors and then switch to carpets and tiles at a moment’s notice, plus it can also be controlled and scheduled via its smartphone app or Alexa.

“The best vacuum I’ve ever had,” raved a savvy shopper. “The best feature is the grid pattern it follows. It will stop every once in a while to re-orient itself; if a piece of furniture is moved, then it resumes cleaning and never misses a spot. It also comes with floor tape to block off areas you don’t want cleaned. I like this vacuum so much I am getting one for my daughter. My floors have never been cleaner.”

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Save half on The Last of Us Part II for Sony PlayStation 4. (Photo: Walmart)
Save half on The Last of Us Part II for Sony PlayStation 4. (Photo: Walmart)

On sale for $30 (was $60), The Last of Us Part II for PlayStation 4 is set five after the first game and follows Ellie and Abby continuing to survive in a post-apocalyptic United States, where the decision made in the first game come back to haunt the characters in the second. This is one of the best games of 2020 and it’s half off for Cyber Monday at Walmart.

“I have played it three times now,” shared a delighted gamer. “On each play through, I found something new, which I most likely missed because of the insane attention to detail in this game. It all started to make sense after my second play through and I think that The Last of Us Part II is one of the best storytelling masterpieces out there.”

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Your skin will drink this right up. (Photo: Amazon)
Your skin will drink this right up. (Photo: Amazon)

This best-selling moisturizer uses a maximum-strength retinol formula to brighten, tighten, and reveal youthful, radiant skin. It’s super lightweight and leaves zero residue, plus the vegan, non-comedogenic formula is gentle and safe to use day and night.

“I'm thrilled with this product!” a shopper reports. “I'm very fussy about skin creams, have lots of unfinished jars of high priced face creams in my cabinet, but this is the one I (intuitively) reach for morning and night. Love the way it absorbs so quickly, like my skin craves the (all natural, 71% organic) ingredients. Leaves my face really. smooth, firm and hydrated, PLUS you can use under eyes with noticeable results! Just reordered my second jar. Super cool packaging (love the well designed handy pump)and truly affordable price. A lot of love went into creating this product.”

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Whip up tasty dishes in a snap. (Photo: Amazon)
Whip up tasty dishes in a snap. (Photo: Amazon)

The Instant Pot certainly needs no introduction, but this ridiculously low price presents the perfect opportunity to finally get one if you were on the fence. The 9-in-1 tool can pressure and slow cook, sous vide, whip up rice, and even whip up perfect jams and jellies for canning. It’s packed with over 13 safety features, too.

“This machine is an absolute work-horse!” one shopper shared. “I've used other pressure canners for over 20 years...this may be small, but it puts "grandmas" pressure canner to shame! It only does pints, but that’s perfect for hubby and I. Simple directions. Best money I've ever spent!!”


You're never going to want to take these off. (Photo: Amazon)
You're never going to want to take these off. (Photo: Amazon)

If you live in leggings, you’ll get a kick out of this pair from Amazon Essentials. They’re like shapewear in legging form: suck you in in all the right places while accentuating others. The high-waisted style is buttery soft, available in 13 colors, and for just $11, you’d be remiss to not get them all.

“For the money, you can not do better than these,” one shopper said. “They are so comfortable and the fit is true to size. I work out in these, go on long hikes in these and basically live in these. Amazon, please don’t ever stop selling them!”

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Your kitty is going to love this. (Photo: Amazon)
Your kitty is going to love this. (Photo: Amazon)

This easy-to-assemble cat bed is made of soft-yet-tough fleece, and it’s the perfect spot for your feline friend to kick back and relax — or spend hours swatting at the toy dangling from the ceiling.

“My cats LOVE THIS!” one shopper said. “I have two Maine Coon mix kittens and I'm not sure how well this is going to hold up, but so far so good! One of them is 13 pounds at 7 months old and it's handling him pretty well so far. She is 7 pounds and they both really love this thing.”

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Stay toasty warm. (Photo: Amazon)
Stay toasty warm. (Photo: Amazon)

If you have a tendency to get chilly throughout the night, make sure to keep this blanket around. The extra large style has ten heat settings, a 12-hour timer, and a controller to safely adjust your warmth level.

“This blanket is actually a lifesaver,” one shopper shared. “I am one of those whose feet are ALWAYS super cold and that contributes a little bit towards my insomnia. This blanket has helped me so much that its unbelievable. It warms up so nicely and throughout. It has 10 levels of heat settings. the highest setting is really hot so I keep it on the middle setting. You can turn the timer on for as long as you want the blanket to stay warm. I turn it on 5-10 mins before getting into bed and by the time I get in the bed it gets so warm and nice. Also its so soft, cozy and its the right size for a big bed. I even use it in the living room for nice, lazy and cold evenings and movie nights.”

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