The Best Champagne Sabers for Popping Bottles in Style

Helena Madden

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Sure, you can open a bottle of Champagne with your bare hands—but why would you when you can use a bona fide sword instead? A good Champagne saber will not only pop your favorite bubbly, it’ll make you look really cool while doing it.

We’d recommend taking a class or doing ample research before attempting to saber a bottle yourself, but, in short, it involves taking a Champagne sword and running it down the bottle so it hits where the seam meets the lip. The pressure in the bottle will be so great that even this small imperfection in the glass will cause breakage—if done correctly, the cork will fly off with the glass collar still attached.

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How did this cool but incredibly superfluous practice come to be? Napoleon Bonaparte’s soldiers popularized it. When Bonaparte’s cavalrymen would ride home to France after a spectacular victory, they would often enjoy a bottle of Champagne to celebrate. Opening the wine by hand proved too cumbersome from horseback, so they’d use their swords to pop the corks clean off. If you’re looking to inject some of the same flair into your next party, then you’ll want to make sure you have the best Champagne saber on hand in order to pull off the stunt. And here are four of the top.

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