How to Get the Best Car Shipping Quotes Online (2022)

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Getting car shipping quotes online is the quickest way to find out how much you'll pay in car shipping costs. Our team of experts will walk you through the process of how to get online auto transport quotes and compare your options to find the best provider to ship your vehicle.

It's a good idea to reach out to multiple car shipping companies to get quotes. By comparing several quotes, you can ensure you're getting the best deal on your vehicle shipment. We've researched and ranked the best car shipping companies of 2022 to help you get started.

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What Is a Car Shipping Quote?

A car shipping quote is an estimated cost from an auto transport company for a particular shipment. Some car shipping providers factor all fees into their quotes, including the cost of transport as well as service fees, additional insurance coverage costs, and increased carrier prices. However, most do not, meaning the final price you pay for auto shipping will likely be higher than the initial quote.

Auto transport prices vary based on several key factors, including your vehicle, the distance of the shipment, and the time of year. We'll explain each factor in detail and how to get cheap car shipping quotes online.

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost?

We reached out to multiple industry leaders for car transport quotes. Our data shows that the average car shipping cost is around $1,200. Note that your own car shipping costs may vary depending on numerous factors.

Car Shipping Quote Estimates

Here are a few online car shipping estimates we received for open vehicle shipments for a 2018 Honda CR-V:

  • Montway Auto Transport, 520 miles: $689

  • Easy Auto Ship, 520 miles: $718

  • Sherpa Auto Transport, 520 miles: $800

  • uShip, 520 miles: $924

  • AmeriFreight, 1,489 miles: $929

  • Montway Auto Transport, 1,489 miles: $959

  • Sherpa Auto Transport, 1,489 miles: $975

If you choose to purchase expedited or enclosed shipping, you can expect to pay more in transport costs.

What Is the Cheapest Car Shipping Company?

According to our research, the best cheap car shipping companies are Montway Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, Sherpa Auto Transport, and Easy Auto Ship. Each company scored 4.0 stars or higher out of 5.0 in our industry-wide review, which looked at reputation, cost, services, and customer experience.

Each of these companies offers a range of discounts to help drive down transport costs. The auto transport brokers also have high customer review ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot.

While these companies offer cheap shipping prices, the final price you pay will depend on your situation, so it's a good idea to compare as many quotes as you can. Keep in mind that most companies do not offer guaranteed shipping prices (except Sherpa Auto Transport), so the initial shipping estimate you receive may not be the final price you pay for auto transport services.

What Affects Auto Transport Costs?

When reaching out for car shipping quotes online, you should be aware of the factors that affect the cost of auto shipping. This can help you know how to lower your vehicle shipping costs by leveraging some of the factors within your control. Below, we've detailed what impacts car transport costs and why.

  • Miles traveled: Cross-country shipments have better car shipping rates per mile than shorter-distance shipments, but they cost more overall.

  • Open vs. enclosed car shipping: Enclosed carrier vehicle transport costs more than open carrier transport, but it may be worth the increased price for luxury and classic cars.

  • Door-to-door vs. terminal-to-terminal: Door-to-door shipping, in which your car is delivered to your home, is more costly than terminal-to-terminal shipping, in which your car is delivered to a designated terminal.

  • Time of year: Demand is higher in January and summer months, making auto transport more expensive.

  • Carrier competition: When you use marketplace-style car transportation services, higher competition between car carrier bids leads to lower auto shipping costs.

  • Price of fuel: Auto shippers may charge more to compensate for carriers' fuel costs if necessary.

  • Vehicle operability: Inoperable vehicles take more effort and resources to move, making them more expensive to ship.

  • Vehicle size: Larger vehicles, like SUVs and trucks, cost more to ship than standard sedans. This also applies to specialty vehicles like recreational vehicles and all-terrain vehicles.

Tips to Reduce Transport Costs

When shopping for car shipping quotes online, it's important to make sure that you get the best price possible. Here are a few tips to lower your car shipping costs for peace of mind:

  • Choose terminal-to-terminal shipping: Shipping your car to a terminal is much cheaper than door-to-door shipping. However, you should keep in mind that not every car shipping company offers this service.

  • Book your shipment in advance: The further out you book your vehicle shipment, the less you will pay for transport. This is because it gives auto transport brokers more time to find you a carrier to deliver your vehicle.

  • Date flexibility: Your final car shipping quote will heavily depend on carrier availability. If you are more flexible about pickup and drop-off dates, you may end up paying less in overall shipping costs.

How to Get Car Shipping Quotes Online

Some auto transporters offer instant quotes, but you'll need to provide information about your shipment to receive one. You should have the following details handy when requesting car shipping quotes online:

  • Vehicle age, make, model, and operability

  • Pickup and destination locations

  • Preferred shipment time frame

  • Preferred shipping method: open, enclosed, door-to-door, terminal-to-terminal

  • Name, email, and phone number

After inputting this information into an online form, you should receive an email or call with your online car shipping quote. Note that not all auto transporters offer online pricing. Some companies require that you call directly to receive a quote for your auto shipment.

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Car Shipping Quote Calculators

Using a company's car shipping calculator is another way to get car shipping quotes online without the pressure to book a shipment. These calculators ask for fewer details than an official quote tool—for example, listing your vehicle as an SUV rather than providing its make and model. Car shipping calculators can be less accurate, but using them is a great way to get a general idea of your car shipping costs.

Consumer Experience with Car Shipping Companies

In October 2021, our team of experts surveyed 1,000 people to gain a better understanding of the customer experience within the car shipping industry. We asked respondents about costs, issues they encountered during the shipping process, and their overall satisfaction with the company they used. Below are some of the highlights from our shipping survey.

Car Shipping Costs

Auto transport costs are highly personalized and are influenced by many factors, including the ones listed above. In our survey, we found that 41% of respondents paid between $1,000 and $2,000 for vehicle shipping. Here's a closer look at what consumers paid:

  • 16% of respondents paid under $500.

  • 17% of respondents paid between $500 and $999.

  • 19% of respondents paid between $1,000 and $1,499.

  • 22% of respondents paid between $1,500 and $1,999.

  • 16% of respondents paid $2,000 or more.

Over half of the respondents polled in our survey reported that they paid a deposit for vehicle shipment and then gave a cashier's check or money order for the remainder owed to the auto transport carrier upon delivery.

Common Car Shipping Issues

According to our survey, most respondents experienced issues during the car shipping process. The largest complaint among respondents (41%) was that vehicles were damaged upon delivery with the carrier's insurance failing to pay for damages.

Other common issues we saw in our survey include:

  • The price increased after booking.

  • There was poor communication from the shipping company.

  • The driver asked for more cash than was agreed upon or a larger tip.

  • The shipment was extended a week or more beyond the delivery date.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Despite the issues that respondents experienced, 69% stated that they were satisfied with the car shipping process overall. Here are some satisfaction numbers by auto transport provider taken from our survey:

  • 84% of Montway Auto Transport customers were satisfied.

  • 67% of AmeriFreight customers were satisfied.

  • 65% of Easy Auto Ship customers were satisfied.

  • 60% of Sherpa Auto Transport customers were satisfied.

  • 59% of uShip customers were satisfied.

All five of these companies are featured in our industry-wide review of the best car shipping companies.

Top Companies That Offer Car Shipping Quotes Online

If you're looking for hassle-free online auto shipping quotes, we recommend reaching out to Montway Auto Transport and uShip. Both car shipping companies scored well in our 2022 review of the best car shipping companies and offer instant online quotes. We've detailed more information about each company below.

Montway Auto Transport: Best Availability

Established in 2006, Montway Auto Transport provides car shipping services to all 50 states. The auto broker works with over 15,000 vetted carriers nationwide. Customers praise the company's low-cost shipping options and timeliness, making it easy to understand why 100,000 cars were shipped with the provider in 2019 alone.

Montway Auto Transport offers instant car shipping quotes for open, enclosed, door-to-door, and expedited car transport services. It also provides guaranteed pickup and drop-off dates and free additional insurance coverage.

Montway Auto Transport Pros:

  • Affordable pricing

  • Excellent customer service and industry ratings

  • Free shipping insurance

  • Guaranteed pickup dates

  • Alaska and Hawaii car shipping

Montway Auto Transport Cons:

  • No real-time tracking or mobile app

  • No shipping services for RVs or personal watercraft

Read more about the auto broker in our comprehensive Montway Auto Transport review.


uShip: Best Auto Transport Marketplace

Unlike most of its competitors in the auto transport industry, uShip is neither a broker nor a carrier. Instead, uShip is an online marketplace for shipping services, much like eBay. Customers can post their shipments on uShip's website and have carriers bid on their bookings. The company also offers instant car shipping quotes online. However, these prices may be more costly than the alternative bidding option.

uShip holds an A+ rating from the BBB and a 4.6 out of 5.0-star consumer rating on the organization's site. The company ships not only cars but also household items, heavy equipment, freight loads, animals, RVs, and more. It provides international shipping services as well.

uShip Pros:

  • Reduced research time

  • Complimentary tracking

  • Military moving discounts

  • Ship with Confidence Guarantee that covers damage and payment disputes

uShip Cons:

  • No carrier or broker vetting process

  • Instant quotes are often more expensive than traditional car shipping companies

  • Low mobile app ratings for Apple and Android devices

You can find more details about this auto shipping company in our uShip review.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my car shipped for cheap?

The cheapest way to ship your vehicle is through open, terminal-to-terminal shipping during non-peak seasons (i.e., avoiding January and summer months). These shipping methods are often the lowest-cost options available. You may also want to consider a company that offers discounts to further reduce your car shipping costs.

What is the best car shipping company?

In our industry-wide review of the best car shipping companies, we named Montway Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, Sherpa Auto Transport, Easy Auto Ship, and uShip as leading providers in the industry. We evaluated each company based on its reputation, costs, services, and customer reputation.

How do I get my car shipped?

If you're wondering how to ship a car, there are a few steps you'll need to take. First, you'll need to reach out to an auto broker or carrier and ask for a quote. Most companies require information about your car (such as vehicle condition, age, and mileage), pickup and delivery locations, preferred shipping method (open or enclosed auto transport), and preferred shipping timeline to give you a car shipping quote online. From there, you'll book your car shipment.

How much does it cost to ship a truck?

Our team compared open transport rates to ship a Ford F-250 Super Duty from Denver to Washington, DC, with Montway and Easy Auto Ship. Montway quoted $1,299 while Easy Auto Ship quoted $1,256. These prices were about $400 above the cost to ship a standard sedan the same distance.

Which car transport companies offer international shipping?

Easy Auto Ship and uShip both provide international auto shipping services. Montway Auto Transport does not offer this service but can help you work with international haulers to meet your needs.

What is the average cost to ship a car?

There is no average car shipping cost as each quote is influenced by a number of factors. However, nearly half of respondents in our 2021 car shipping survey reported that they paid between $1,000 and $2,000 for auto transport.

What's the best moving company?

If you're shipping a car, you may also be wondering how to choose a moving company that's right for your needs. Read our review of the industry's best long-distance moving companies to learn more about top providers, pricing, and services.

Is a car delivery service worth it?

If you buy a car online from a dealership or from a private seller out of state, you can use companies like Montway Auto Transport and uShip to arrange a car delivery service. You can negotiate with the seller on who pays for shipping, but it's cost-effective if the car has good value.


Auto shipping ratings are based on a comprehensive comparison between every major car transport company in the industry. We rate providers based on cost, available services, company reputation, and the customer experience. Each auto transporter receives scores in these individual categories and an overall score out of 5.0 stars.

To formulate rankings, our review team considers a company's offerings compared to competitors, ratings from experts like the BBB, and customer reviews. We also collect sample quotes across a variety of shipping routes, distances, and transport types to measure pricing against the industry average.