The best burner phones in 2022: cheap cellphones for less stress

 Best burner phones
Best burner phones

Assuming you're not a drug dealer or having an affair, why would you want the best burner phone? Well, for one, they're cheap: so cheap you can afford to lose or break them. Second, they're a great way to ease yourself off social media addiction. And thirdly, the battery life is amazing! 

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Think about it. There are places you wouldn't want to take your iPhone 13 Pro, lest it get stolen or damaged. And there are times when a smartphone battery just isn't going to last, but you might need to make an urgent call. So the best burner phone comes in handy as a useful backup (some might say ‘Feature Phone’ but since HBO drama The Wire the term 'Burner’ is widely used).

No, this won't be the best phone, and certainly not the best camera phone. But it may last up to a week or more before needing a charge, and for the cost of a bottle of wine, that can be a great investment. Runners, cyclists and hikers shouldn’t leave home without one.

Will you need to check email or social media apps like Facebook and Twitter? A few burner phones will let you do so, but not all. Some of them don’t even have cameras, and those that do will be pretty low quality.

Most burner phones also use microSIMs rather than nanoSIMs, so you’ll either need to get a new SIM from your phone network or a converter: a little piece of plastic into which your normal SIM slots. You can buy these cheaply on eBay.

It’s also important to be mindful of network coverage. With the last US-based 2G and 3G networks being disabled in 2022, you still need 4G even for a burner phone, even if you have no need for the mobile internet. Sadly this will impact negatively on standby times.

With all that in mind, here are some of the best 4G burner phones for your money today.

Best burner phones in 2022

Alcatel TCL Flip 2 - one of the best burner phones
Alcatel TCL Flip 2 - one of the best burner phones

1. Alcatel TCL Flip 2

Cheapest burner phone

Network: 2G/3G/4G | Battery standby time: 13.7 days | Battery talk time: 6.8 hours | Screen: 2.8-inch + 1.44-inch (external) | Camera: 2MP rear | Dimensions: 2.1 x 4.1 x .36 inch | Weight: 121g | Storage: Memory 4Gb + microSD

Over 6 hours talk-time

Screen protected by flip case

Battery at its best on 2G networks

Alcatel’s 4G flip phone is a handy uses the same KaiOS seen on other feature phones, which makes it very adaptable. That, and of course the satisfaction of a handset you can slam shut on a call! The 240x320 pixel screen and 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 will run basic apps nice and responsively on the generous internal display. 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi is available to prevent you using too much mobile data on those apps, and a smaller external display means you don’t need to open the handset to check the time or battery status. To extend the battery life to around two weeks, you can separately switch off data and geolocation (a system which gives approximate location using cell towers).

Best burner phone - Nokia 2760 Flip
Best burner phone - Nokia 2760 Flip

2. Nokia 2760 Flip

Future-proof burner phone with VoLTE

Network: 4G | Battery standby time: 18 days standby | Battery talk time: 3.4 hours talk | Screen: 2.8-in, 240x320 pixel + 160 x 128 on door | Camera: 5MP camera | Dimensions: 110 mm x 19.5 mm x 58 mm | Weight: 136g | Storage: 4GB


Cost effective

Hearing aid compatible

No hotspot

Limited storage

Tracfone customer service

Nokia hasn’t let go of the flip phone or KaiOS, which means they’re keeping designs fresh, but this is – more than anything – a low-cost handset, available at under $20 in some places. Despite that, it has a 5MP camera, and screens inside and out. There is also a headphone jack and support for not only Bluetooth 4.2 but M4/T4 hearing aids too.

If you’re looking for a long life in the field, then the phone has a swappable battery. This is especially handy in the 4G era (call time is never as high on the more modern networks; 3.4hr talk rather than 7.3 on 3G). We also appreciate the arrival of a USB-C connection as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack. There is also little bloatware, though Youtube, Google Browser and Maps are there. Walmart sells this with Tracfone, but we’ve not heard the best about its customer service.

Best burner phones: Nokia 110
Best burner phones: Nokia 110

(Image credit: Nokia)

3. Nokia 110 4G

Future-proof burner phone with VoLTE

Network: 4G | Battery standby time: 21.7 days | Battery talk time: 19.4 hours | Screen: 1.8-inch LCD 160x120 | Camera: 0.3MP camera | Dimensions: 121 x 50 x 14.5mm | Weight: 75g | Storage: Memory 8Gb + microSD

Great product design

Long battery life


4G uses battery fasterNot the cheapest option

This handset is available in striking yellow, cyan or a sightly more respectable black, but whichever look you choose you’re getting a 4G-capable device. That means international borders aren’t a concern as Voice-Over-LTE (the replacement technology for 2G voice) is supported. FM radio and internet are also available (and loading pages is quicker than an old 2G burner), and there is 48GB of on-board memory – expandable by MicroSD card.

best burner phone - Alcatel 1
best burner phone - Alcatel 1

(Image credit: Alcatel)

4. Alcatel 1

The best burner smartphone for value

Network: 4G GSM/HSPA/LTE | Battery standby time: 1 day | Battery talk time: 4 hours | Screen: 5-inch LCD 480 x 960 | Camera: 5MP + 2MP selfie camera | Dimensions: 138 x 66 x 9.8mm | Weight: 134g | Storage: Memory 8Gb + microSD

Bargain access to Android 11

Camera and selfie camera

USB-C Charging

Screen brightness a little weak

No fast charge

MicroSD storage probably essential for apps

The Alcatel 1 is a 4G smartphone which absoloutely won’t match a flagship handsets from Apple or other leading brands, but you can have twenty of these for the same money as the fruit-based brand’s top model and the 2021 edition got a memory boost to 16GB too. There are a lot of reasons why you might want a burner in this category, not least when transitioning kids to smartphones. You can start with something cheap you wouldn’t mind replacing, while offering the kids more than a simple candy bar.

The latest version of this device is based around Android 11 ‘Go Edition’ which is thoughtfully designed for folk using pay-as-you-go SIMs; the YouTube app even offers you lower video quality to save data charges. The camera is OK (except for real close-up, which is unhelpful with small QR codes), and takes decent pics or 1080P video.

Nokia 225 4G
Nokia 225 4G

4. Nokia 225 4G

The best burner phone for design

Network: 4G | Battery standby time: 16 days on 4G (24 days 2G) | Battery talk time: 6 hours on 4G (19h 2G) | Screen: 2.4-inch 320 x 240 LCD | Camera: 2MP | Dimensions: 4.9 x 2 x 0.54 in | Weight: 62g | Storage: microSD

FM Radio and games

Dual Sim

Low memory capacity

MicroUSB charge port

Nokia has revived a lot of older models to cater for the nostalgia market, but the 225 is a straightforward candy-bar phone which puts practicality and affordability ahead of other concerns. It’s ready for 4G with Voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls – watch out though, like every other phone even a 1150mAh battery offers less time with 4G than 2G (which the phone also supports where available). On the plus side a Battery Saving Mode will eek out the longest standby available if you choose, at the expense of features like

With a radio (and 3.5mm headphone jack) plus good quality games (yes, including Snake) there is entertainment on the move. Even Facebook is supported.

Total by Verizon TCL 30 Z
Total by Verizon TCL 30 Z

5. Total by Verizon TCL 30 Z

Super-cheap smartphone for affordable connectivity

Network: 4G LTE | Battery standby time: - | Battery talk time: - | Screen: 6.1-inch LCD 1560 x 720 | Camera: 8MP + 5MP selfie camera | Dimensions: 156.2 x 73.8 x 9.9 mm | Weight: 182g | Storage: 32Gb + microSD

Dual cameras

Access to online services with a crippling contract

Accessible price

Perhaps better as a kid's phone than a disposable

This handset is everything you’d expect from a low-priced smartphone, though the price is now so low it might still surprise.

Sure the MediaTek Helio A22 processor is hardly cuttin-edge tech, but the 32GB storage is usable. The later can be extended with a MicroSD, however, and there is still the power to use the crucial functions of Android 12 including Google Assistant. It even has face unlock.

This is a great opportunity to get a burner or budget phone which doesn’t quite abandon all your needs. Perhaps one to give to the kids? In the US, the handset can be used with the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP) for discounted internet connection.

Best burner phone: Total Wireless iPhone 7
Best burner phone: Total Wireless iPhone 7

6. iPhone 7 (Refurbished)

As cheap as a burner iPhone gets

Network: 4G LTE | Battery standby time: 40 hours | Battery talk time: 13 hours (3G) | Screen: 750 x 1334 pixels 4.7-inch | Camera: 12MP Main camera / 7MP Selfie camera | Dimensions: 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm | Weight: 138g | Storage: 32Gb / 128Gb / 256Gb versions

Still a great phone with a good camera

Access to iOS without a crippling contract

Older handset

Perhaps better as a kids phone than a disposable

32Gb is a bit limited for an iPhone

This handset is long discontinued by Apple, following a release in 2016 and its year in the limelight. Nevertheless it’s still compatible with the current operating system (Apple are very well behaved in that respect), so in the USA Total Wireless are able to offer a carrier-locked contract free version of the handset.

That means if you’re less concerned about the initial investment and more concerned about staying off the rolling contract wagon this gives you the opportunity to do so with a 4K-capable camera phone, HDR front & back, and optical image stabilization for a not horrendous investment. The retina screen and IP67 water resistance won’t hurt and many prefer the fingerprint security to the newer FaceID system (especially if they need to wear a mask).

Easyfone Prime A6
Easyfone Prime A6

7. Easyfone Prime A6

Best big-button burner phone for seniors

Network: 4G | Battery standby time: 96 hours | Battery talk time: 5.5 hours | Screen: 1.8-inch | Camera: - | Dimensions: 4.5 x 2.1 x 0.57 inch | Weight: 82g | Storage: 16GB+MicroSD

Keypad buttons genuinely large

SOS button


Only one SIM

T-Mobile only

If you’re looking for a simple candy-bar phone deliberately designed for the elderly user, this is a fine choice. The backlit keys are large and even the T3 text messaging letters are large enough to prevent squinting. The phone can also speak each button press to reassure users should they choose. Battery performance, with a 1050mAh battery, is only average, but on the plus side there is a cradle-style dock to drop the phone into so it can take the place of a traditional landline. As traditional phone lines are being steadily retired – or might not make it to individual rooms in a retirement home – this might solve two issues in one fell swoop.

Nokia 8110 - one the best burner phones
Nokia 8110 - one the best burner phones

(Image credit: Nokia)

8. Nokia 8110

The best burner phone for nostalgic looks

Network: 4G | Battery standby time: 25 days | Battery talk time: 7 hours | Screen: 2.4-inch 320 x 240 LCD | Camera: 2MP | Dimensions: 133.5 x 49.3 x 14.9mm | Weight: 117g | Storage: microSD

Has 4G

And some basic app support

Available in yellow or black

More expensive than true burner phones

Not as well-made as the 1990s original

Here’s a non-smart phone pick that stretches at the price definition of the kind of phones we’re looking to highlight here. But you will find it online for around $70.

This was the follow-up to the Nokia 3310. Nokia was no doubt encouraged by the waves of nostalgic interest the retro phone received. The original Nokia 8110 became famous in part for its use in the first The Matrix movie, the phone Neo used to communicate with his handlers out in the “real" world.

It was also known as the “banana phone” thanks to its curved shape, elongated when the call mic is flicked out. Nokia has leaned into this with the remake, selling a bright yellow version as well as the classic black.

But unlike the Nokia 3310, the Nokia 8110 is a different prospect to the original. The 1996 version was, at the time, a high-end executive phone. This is more a pastiche or ode to the past than a remake. It is nowhere near as well made, and we’d trust the Nokia 3310 to survive abuse more than the 8110,  although the flick-out mechanism of the call mic does have some of the same satisfying executive stress toy appeal.

This is a 4G phone that ever-so-slightly blurs the border between feature phones and smart ones. It has GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1, and baked-in email and Google Maps support. However, it uses KaiOS rather than Android. App support is still very, very limited and the apps you do get feel quite clumsy and slow, not helped by now unfamiliar button-based control. The Nokia 8110 can do more than the other Nokias in this round-up, though.

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