'Best Boy' German Shepherd Tenderly Plays with Toddler in Video We Can't Resist

What a loving, loyal protector this dog is.

We love seeing kids play with their pets. It's such a unique and special relationship. Almost like having a second set of eyes to keep watch over your little one. Like one little girl and a German Shepherd named Geddy, who were bonding big time in a recent TikTok video.

The magical moment was captured by Geddy's owner Jess (or @k9sand_kilos as she goes by online) who must've realized something special was going on when she pulled out her camera. 

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"Watching my dog be the best boy," the video's onscreen caption reads. The video shows the little girl and the pup having a moment. It's absolutely the cutest thing we've ever seen. But don't worry, Jess noted that she always keeps an eye on her dog when he plays with little kids. 

The comments section was over the moon by this adorable friendship. "Look at the love in his eyes, he is the goodest boy," @kari_nielsen praised. "Beautiful dog!!! This is great!! Will be best buds forever!" @genad57 pointed out. "Awwwww. He’s looking at you like 'I’m being a good boy, right Mom?'" @andeigh1 joked. "Such a beautiful dog it is always amazing how gentle they are with toddlers," @j2r406 chimed in. 

Later in the thread, the TikToker clarified that the little girl belonged to her friends. But clearly her pooch was so, so gentle with her. "He was so good with her, he let her take the ball right out of his mouth," she wrote. 

We love to see it!

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