Bernedoodle's Excitement Over Seeing Dad at the Airport Is Just Precious

She rode on his lap on the way home!

TikTok doggo's @squashiebernedoodle dad was away for an entire week, breaking the poor pup's heart. Even though this Bernedoodle was still at home with her mom, she really missed her dad. Sounds like someone has a favorite parent. LOL! 

So when it was finally time to pick up this doggo's dad from the airport, Squashie came along in the car. Something tells us she's done this before because it looks like she knew where they were going. Even if she did know what was happening, we don't care. The result is just still beautiful. Trust us, your heart will instantly melt when you see this dog's reaction.

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Aww! We love that this dog still got so excited even though she knew exactly where she was and that her dad would be there soon. As hard as it is being separated from her owner, hopefully, she knows by now that her dad always comes home! 

"All the feels. She missed afternoon naps with him," wrote @magiccitymartha. Aww, yes, we believe that 100%! Or maybe she missed him this much because that's who gives her the most treats. She's been treat deprived for the week! LOL! 

Another TikTok user, @kungsyd, said, "You are making me teary Squashie." You're making all of us teary-eyed! We wish our dogs would greet us like this after being away. Our dogs are happy to see us, but not to this level. LOL! @noreenpower1234 added, "A dog's love is the purest on this earth." And that's the truth!


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