Ben Gravy Hikes to Tiny Surf in Norway During '7 Seas in 7 Days' Tour

You've probably heard by now that soft-top connoisseur and novelty wave surfer Ben Gravy has accomplished his mission to surf seven seas in seven days.

The New Jersey native had a dream, and it was to surf the North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and the Arctic Ocean in a week.

It began in Japan, where he surfed in the ocean and at a wave pool. Next, he scored super-glassy and uncrowded Keramas in Bali, two oceans in Australia, tanker surfed in Galveston, Texas, made it home to surf New Jersey, and surfed the Arctic Ocean in Oslo, Norway.

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Gravy dropped his latest vlog above yesterday and captioned it:

"We Ascended a Mountain for 2 Hours for THIS Wave in Norway

"We took a tip from our friend Anker on a Novelty wave here in Norway & it ended up being a super heavy mission. We Ascended a Mountain for 2 Hours for THIS Wave in Norway.

"With a "short" 2 kilometer walk ahead of us we headed towards to Lord of the Rings looking mountains & descended upon the beach.

"After 90 minutes of walking, we finally realized we got ourselves in quite a pickle here in the mountainous regions of the Arctic Circle. All in all an entertaining day, thanks for the stoke! - Ben"

Gravy's still revealing segments of the trip. In the clip above, he offers a look at what's in between the surfing on a surf trip.

Looks like Gravy was truly one with nature in Norway. One viewer nailed it:

"It’s the solitary moments in surfing, alone on a wave, my own thoughts, the movement of the water… the scenery… those are the special moments in surfing."


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