Ben Affleck Fulfills Lifelong Dream of Working at Dunkin' While Filming New Commercial

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This latest sighting is fuel for the fire underneath the Moka pot brewing fresh jokes.

Ben Affleck's first love, Dunkin', has officially reciprocated his admiration, offering the actor a spot in an upcoming commercial.

The City on a Hill executive producer was spotted at a Dunkin' location in Medford, Massachusetts, on Tuesday, Jan. 10, serving drinks to customers at its drive-thru window.

A few of the lucky fans to be served by the actor-turned-barista shared clips of their interactions with Affleck on Instagram (which you can view here).

In the series of snaps, Affleck rocked the classic Dunkin' uniform consisting of a black apron branded with the company's slogan: "America Runs on Dunkin’," a baseball hat with the logo, headset, and all-black attire.

The celebrity's wife, JLo, was also reported to be there. However, her level of involvement in the commercial is currently unclear.

“Thanks @benaffleck @jlo for my coffee this morning ! @dunkin #coffee #benaffleck #boston #medfordmass,” one customer, Lisa Mackay, exclaimed via Instagram.

Mackay told local reporters that the actor was “funny and quick-witted” while serving up the community's morning cup of Joe. She also noted that she signed release forms for the footage of their interaction to be used in a future commercial. Glamour notes the commercial will air for the Super Bowl.

While the company hasn't commented on the project to any outlet, it did tweet a suspicious emoji earlier this afternoon.

Affleck's partnership with Dunkin' couldn't be more on brand, as the actor has been dubbed the company's unofficial ambassador for some time now after consistently being spotted by paparazzi at Dunkin' locations or with Dunkin' products.

This latest sighting is simply fuel for the fire underneath the Moka pot brewing memes.

"jlo and ben affleck filming a dunkin donuts commercial is kinda camp given the fact he introduced it to her," one Twitter user joked, sharing a series of snaps featuring the celebrity couple and their beloved Dunkin' orders.

Another added that it is a full-circle moment.

"We knew the Ben Affleck & Dunkin' Donuts collab would eventually happen," another fan quipped alongside two photos of the actor struggling to carry one of his many Dunkin' orders.

"He was already in a Dunkin’ commercial," a third insisted, recalling a Saturday Night Live skit from Dec. 2016 featuring the actor's brother, Casey Affleck.

And let's not forget about the time Bennifer fans roasted their wedding with Dunkin' memes.

"Such beautiful pics from Ben Affleck and JLo's wedding," one sarcastic fan tweeted, alongside screenshots of wedding decor imbued to match the company's brand kit.

Hopefully, Dunkin' releases the commercial before fans start to simmer over.