Bella Thorne's Abs In A Bra Top And High-Slit Skirt Are Epic 👏

Photo credit: Bella Thorne - Instagram
Photo credit: Bella Thorne - Instagram
  • With the weather warming up, Bella Thorne is wasting no time in opting for more weather-appropriate attire.

  • The actress donned a bra top and high-slit skirt that put her toned abs on full display in an Instagram photo shoot this weekend.

  • Bella, 24, is all about circuit training and uses TRX-based workouts to target her core for some intense toning.

It’s finally warm enough for bra top season again, and Bella Thorne is wasting no time in pulling out her favorite abs-revealing 'fits. The actress and model whipped out her best bra top, high-slit skirt combo this weekend, and she’s got the Instagram pics to prove it.

Bella, 24, shared a series of snaps of herself working the outfit (which, by the way, included thigh-high tights) with her toned abs on full display. There’s Bella and her abs from the front, Bella and her abs leaning to the side, and a video of the whole thing.

“Without sloths there would be no avocados …,” she wrote in the caption. Not sure what that has to do with her look, but Bella is dispensing some serious knowledge here, people!

Fans and followers were all over it in the comments. “You're always such a radiant beauty, Bella 😍😍😍,” one person wrote. “HOW DO YOU ALWAYS LOOK THIS GOOOOOODDDDD?! 😭😭😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞😩😩😩😩,” another said. Even Paris Hilton weighed in: "🔥🔥🔥," she commented.

Bella has been all about the abs content on Instagram lately. And I can't say I blame her. There was this pic:

This series of shots:

And this one:

OK, so how does Bella get those super toned abs? For starters, she's not afraid to log some serious time at the gym. Bella previously shared that she likes to work out for an hour and focuses on building lean muscle. She also dials in on her aerobic conditioning during that time. “I always make time for proper stretching before and after my workout,” she added.

That "aerobic conditioning," BTW, includes intense moves like box jumps and circuit training that get the heart rate up while also toning and building muscles. And of course, Bella likes to listen to Usher while putting in some intense work. There is truly nothing like a good playlist to get you up and moving.

Another thing Bella does that really works her core? TRX workouts. In July 2020, she shared a video on Instagram of herself doing a TRX-centric abs workout at a gym. And it was no joke. In the video, Bella is in a plank position with her legs in TRX bands and repeatedly brings her knees to her chest in a sort of next-level hanging crunch.

And she also participates in a celebrity-favorite workout, boxing, to target her core and give her all-over tone.

Get it, Bella!

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