Bella Thorne in hot water after scamming OnlyFans subscribers

Bella Thorne shattered records for OnlyFans, a social media platform where subscribers pay for access to premium content, by generating $1 million on her first day on the site. A week later, Thorne announced that number had hit $2 million. Thorne faced blowback on August 28 after charging subscribers $200 to access a photo she advertised as “nude”. One OnlyFans follower shared an alleged screenshot of an interaction with Thorne on the site. It included a message where Thorne confirmed she was naked in the photo. She wasn’t. So many people requested their money back that apparently OnlyFans implemented new restrictions on how much money people could make off the site. They also put a cap on tip spending. “There is now a limit to tips … and, apparently, payouts are now only once a month. So, you can’t just request to payout whenever you want to,” TikTok user Nikki Newhope says in a video. Thorne has since apologized and said she plans to meet with OnlyFans to renegotiate the new restrictions