Bella Poarch Never Learned How To Swim... But Was In The Navy??! | 17 Questions | Seventeen

'Build A Bitch' Singer and TikTok queen Bella Poarch is SO adorable 🤗 and full of surprises, so we were SUPER excited to ask her the juicy stuff in this episode of 17 Questions 😍 . Watch along as the Navy veteran turned influencer gives us an inside look at her life before she went 'viral', tells us her second dream job of being a pickle seller 🥒 and reveals she can't ride a bike to this day 🚲😱 ... but skates 🛼 like a pro! Bonus points because she has the cutest laugh ever. 💞 Want more of your favorite celebs playing 17 Questions on Seventeen? Watch HERE: #BellaPoarch #Seventeen #17Questions