Bella Poarch Calls Out Griffin Johnson for "Trying" to Slide into Her DMs

Stacey Grant
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Photo credit: @bella.poarch/Instagram; @imgriffinjohnson/TikTok
Photo credit: @bella.poarch/Instagram; @imgriffinjohnson/TikTok

From Seventeen

  • Bella Poarch is challenged by Addison Rae to play Two Truths and a Lie on TikTok.

  • Bella claims Griffin Johnson tried sliding into her DMs, but Griffin says he did actually slide into them.

  • Griffin hits on Bella and she shuts him down. They then have a short-lived feud on social media.

Another day, another random TikTok drama. It all started after Addison Rae did the "2 Truths and a Lie" trend (in which she revealed she did NOT bail Bryce Hall out of jail in May 2020) and tagged Bella Poarch to do it next. FYI, Bella is the girl who made that viral "M to the B" vid, which has the most likes on TikTok.

Bella was down for the challenge and revealed her three entries: "Griffin Johnson tried to slide into my DMs," "I made a s*x tape with Tyga," and "I was adopted." She revealed the lie was that she made a sex tape with Tyga, making the being adopted and Griffin trying to slide into her DMs both truths.

However, Griffin entered the chat and claimed he did, in fact, slide into her DMs. Then, he hit her with a "what's good?" but Bella was having none of it. 馃拃馃拃馃拃

Griffin shared on Twitter that all he said in her DM was how he liked her style. He later clarified he was "just being nice" to Bella. (At 3:33 in the morning, but OK.)

Griffin's friend and former Sway House bro, Josh Richards, commented, "Of course this sh*t would happen to griff 馃槀." In case you lived under a rock in 2020, Griffin was involved in a huge cheating scandal with his ex, Dixie D'Amelio. He had snapchatted girls while he was dating Dixie.

And because TikTok drama always seems to involve multiple TikToks, Griffin later dueted Bella's vid with his own, reiterating what his DM said. He captioned that TikTok, "good work @tyga," seemingly implying the Tyga entry was actually true.

Since the videos went live, fans have been divided on whose side they're on. Was Bella clout chasing by mentioning Griffin in that TikTok, or was Griffin just messaging Bella at 3:33 in the morning, but acting like he was only being friendly and not hitting on her?

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