Who Is Behind the Mushroom on Season 4 of 'The Masked Singer'?

Hilary Weaver
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Who Is Behind the Mushroom on Season 4 of 'The Masked Singer'?


Tonight, we're finally watching the season 4 finale of The Masked Singer. Mushroom, Crocodile, and The Sun are the final contestants, and by now, the panelists and fans have their best guesses for who's behind the masks of the remaining characters. So far, the fans have been pretty right on.

Out of the remaining characters, Mushroom is one of the most talented of the bunch. Nicole Scherzinger guessed Donald Glover, Jeong considered Usher, and Jenny McCarthy thinks Frank Ocean could be under the mask. No matter what, Jeong is convinced Mushroom is "a massive star." Some fans think the character sounds different every time they sing, and other people are stumped.

Who could this stylish fungus could be?

Pharrell Williams

A few fans on Twitter have guessed that Williams might be the musical talent who's moonlighting as Mushroom. There was a giant brown hat in the clue package, which could definitely point to Pharrell's signature accessory. He also has a falsetto, which we can hear in "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell.

Billy Porter

Porter's name appears several times on Twitter in conjunction with Mushroom. As Refinery29 pointed out, there was a specific clue that links the character to Porter: a reference to a hot dog stand. Porter was in the play Topdog/Underdog. There was also a Star Search clue, and Porter won the title of best male vocalist on the show in 1992. Porter has been known to love a good hat. Remember the 2020 Grammys?

Todrick Hall

There was a reality-competition clue in the package, and this singer, actor, choreographer, and dancer made it to the finals on the ninth season of American Idol. The clue package had so many Hamilton references that it was almost overkill; it might not make sense for someone who was actually in Hamilton to be Mushroom, but Todrick does have a Broadway voice (he won a Tony for playing Lola in Kinky Boots). He also made the album Billy Porter Presents the Soul of Richard Rodgers in 2017 with Hamilton cast members Renée Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Odom Jr., and Christopher Jackson. So all these Hamilton clues could just be The Masked Singer's attempt at a red herring.

Jordan Fisher

This guess might actually be the closest to being on target. Twitter seems to be pretty convinced that the Hamilton clues might be leadin to this actor, who played Philip/John Laurens in the show. The To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You actor has also piqued fans' interests because there were Dear Evan Hanson clues, and Fisher was in that show, too. Good Housekeeping picked up on the clue that Mushroom "turned his hobby into a career," and Fisher was a video game fanatic who now has a massive presence on Twitch.

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