My Bedroom Got an Instant Makeover Thanks to This Chic Bed Frame

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<p>The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Thuma</p>

The Spruce / Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Thuma

Last fall I was going on close to two decades of sleeping on a mattress on a metal bed frame and no headboard. When I switched from a twin bed to a full bed, my frame switched from a trundle to a steel one, and then I never upgraded. I used a collapsible metal one as I moved from apartment to apartment in the last half-dozen years or so, and it did the job. But a collapsible metal bed frame feels utilitarian and temporary — and just so bland. There's nothing stylish about it.

Once I became fairly stationery in one zip code, with a long lease and a great mattress, I knew was ready to make the move to a wooden bed frame with some kind of piece at the headboard to give the space a more elevated, stylish aesthetic.

Thuma’s The Bed caught my eye immediately when it started showing up in my Instagram feed. Its clean lines and minimalist look contribute to the exact calming aesthetic I want for my bedroom.

Thuma The Bed

It arrived in a box without one single piece of annoying styrofoam, and I was able to assemble it alone. The assembly required no tools — literally. There wasn't even that hex wrench that seems to come with every product that requires assembly. The bed pieces slide together — it's Japanese joinery in action. The connection is strong, with no wiggling or shifting. Slats roll down along the middle, two screws can be tightened by hand at each end, and The Bed is ready. In this 15 minutes, my bedroom went from whatever to wow.

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The mattress sits just inside the frame, so it doesn’t slide around like it did atop my metal bed frame. I use bunkie boards too because its recommended with my mattress, but I think for most mattresses the strong slats would be just fine.

The Thuma bed is made of repurposed wood from rubberwood trees that have reached the end of their latex-producing life (not MDF! I’m officially moving beyond MDF furniture), it sturdy enough and so well made that I expect it to last me decades.

My favorite part, though, is the PillowBoard. It’s a sturdy, rectangular foam pillow that fits snugly between the wall and the head of the mattress to create a short, cushy headboard at the top of the bed. Thuma offers a variety of covers in several materials including linen, bouclé, and velvet and an array of colors. I love that I can customize the PillowBoard and dress it to match the season or my mood. In December I nodded to the holidays with the teal velvet cover before switching to the charcoal-colored bouclé cover in January for a cozier feel.

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I had always wanted a cushy headboard piece, but hesitated at how it wouldn’t be something that I could wash. A plush headboard seemed like something that could get pretty dirty — with hair products, facial oil, hand lotion — so I love that I can pop the PillowBoard covers in the washing machine.

The PillowBoard is shorter than I thought it would be when I first placed my order. I had envisioned more of it appearing above the pillows when the bed was made, but I’m actually quite happy with the height. A tall headboard would always be a statement at the head of the bed, but the PillowBoard, with its slightly lower top, appears just around the pillows like a visual frame. Plus, it fills that gap between the mattress and the wall which keeps the pillows (and also my 10-pound dog) from sliding down between the bed and the wall.

After sleeping for nearly decades on a metal bed frame with no headboard, I’m so happy with Thuma’s The Bed and PillowBoard. I didn’t use to show visitors my bedroom, when I gave them a quick tour of my home, but with a bed as gorgeous as Thuma’s, I can’t help but open my door to show it off.

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