This Bedhead Pajama Set Is the Best Thing I’ve Splurged on During Quarantine (PureWow)
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Before quarantine, I regularly spent money on new dresses and overpriced salads from the lunch spot near my office. Like many working professionals, I often felt the need to look nice and maximize my time, which, in hindsight, came at a substantial cost. Now, a few months into the pandemic, I’m spending significantly less money (and have taken to a slower lifestyle as well). But when I do feel the urge to shop (usually after a glass of wine), I end up acquiring new things that I never even looked at before like protective face masks, DIY bubble tea kits and, the MVP of all of my quarantine purchases, this matching pajama set from BedHead.

First, to give you some background, my typical sleepwear for the past decade has consisted of an oversized shirt that I got for free in college (or any number of faded tees I received from participating in races) paired with some ill-fitting boxers I permanently “borrowed” from my partner. They almost always have a Peanuts motif on them, including plenty of appearances by Snoopy and friends. Sexy, I know.

I’ll admit it, the Snoopy pants with the elastic waistband and the shapeless shirt served me well for many years. But when you’re home all day every day with no particular reason to get dressed up anymore, the sudden desire to wear cute loungewear is real. I'm reassured, perhaps mistakenly, that though I haven't left the house (or the couch) in five hours, my snazzy pajamas suggest that it's all intentional. 

So, on one unremarkable day near the beginning of summer, I found myself scroll-shopping while watching an old episode of Queer Eye. Whereas I typically would have searched for a swishy frock, this time I was lured to the “lingerie & sleepwear” section. The extra lacy bras and frilly undies felt like a massive leap for me, but the array of matching PJ sets offered the perfect compromise. The sets, in their slim cuts and eye-catching designs, were undeniably sleeker and dare I say sexier than my Snoopy pants but more comfortable-looking than the skimpy lingerie. (I mean really, who wants to wear a bra to bed...or ever?)

After debating between designs, I chose a short-sleeved combo from BedHead Pajamas, a brand that describes their aesthetic as “vintage glamour with modern comfort.” (Mindy Kaling is apparently a fan of their jammies and has been seen wearing them on many occasions throughout the years.) My starter set from BedHead features a band of monkeys hanging out on colorful palm fronds and they appear to be having a grand ol’ time. The brand offers an array of patterns to fit every aesthetic—from whimsical florals to classic stripes and tropical fruits to leopard print. Eventually, I hope to acquire more of them and become a pajama influencer like my girl Mindy. 

In terms of design, the button-front shirt features notched lapels with bright pink piping and the fabric is a soft jersey material that doesn’t stick to my skin while I sleep. The shorts are just the right length on my 5'1" frame (short enough to not look frumpy but not so short that my cheeks hang out) and they have an elastic waistband (to account for my ever-changing body) and pockets, which are always a welcome surprise. 

Now that my sleepwear is no longer a relic of my college years, I feel more like an adult. And yet, the cheeky monkey print and bright colors still exude a youthful and fun energy that signals that I, too, am still youthful and fun. Best of all, my BedHead set sparks joy whenever I wear them, which is no small feat in 2020.

Buy it ($114)

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